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Picture yourself sitting at your family kitchen table and discussing a topic of interest. That is the feeling we want everybody to have as they share their thoughts or ask questions. Your show is to have a place where you can call to discuss real life issues. The concept is not to brain wash people but to allow people to hear other opinions on issues and make up their own mind. In other words...get people to think! We will step into issues like politics and religion, student athletes, lost loved ones, supplements, health, and business to name a few. We are open to expand topics requested for future shows because this is your place where your voice is important. You will find that your host is a man of faith and his opinions are based on that faith. But people who do not share this faith are welcome and treated with respect.

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Welcome to another show here at, "Your Place". We have a real treat for you tonight with our guest speaker Bro. Bruce Klein. There are a lot of thoughts today on creation and the changes that have been adapted to the theory of evolution. Many people today do not know how to answer the comments that say, ?science has proven bible creation is a myth?. Then they send their children to public school where they are taught and tested on evolution as a fact instead of a theory. Working to drive out faith with doubt! I am sure that this show or shows will be your answer to all of this and more. Because God's word is just as true today as it has ever been! This is a show you need to hear and get all of your friends to listen too! Bro. Klein and his wife are not just bible scholars. A couple of weeks ago Bro. Klein and his sons were in Glen Rose hunting for dinosaur tracks and fossils. They found a lot of fossils and some actual dinosaur tracks. They even were able to spend time with Dr. Carl Baugh. He has the Creation Science Museum in the area. Dr. Baugh took Bro Klein and his sons into his biosphere. As a rule this does not happen due to no insurance coverage for the public to tour this facility. Bro. Klein, will tell you what a privilege it was to see this first hand! Let us tell you a little more about Pastor and scholar Bruce Klein, President of Apostolic Theological Seminary and Bible College (http://www.atseminary.com), has twenty-four published books, Three years as a Apostolic missionary in China, and is the Pastor of The Bible Church, Abbeville, Louisiana. He and his wife do this work together! They are not sitting still and being content. They are opening another campus in Woodlands, Texas (north of Houston). Are you as excited as we are to hear what Bro. Klein has for us! So are we!
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Welcome to another show, here at Your Place! The title of the show tonight is, "You don't know what you know, Until you know it! This may sound like a tongue twister but there is a very simple truth to this statement. The song to start this... more

Welcome to another show here at, "Your Place"! Last week we took a look at the importance of living a repentant life. Tonight we are going to ask you if you really believe that the Bible is the word of God? There are hundreds of denominations... more

We want to thank everyone for listening tonight. Wild Bill had no idea what direction the show was taking tonight, at least thats where he was with it when he was creating it. So...along with everyone else, we will just have to wait and see...

Like many of you, several members of our family have served in the United States Military. We have family that have served as Firemen, Police Officers, and other emergency services. We honor all of you today with this show! We understand... more

Praise the Lord, and welcome to another show at, "Your Place". We serve a great and mighty God that deserves all praise and all honor! We live in a time where so many aspects of being a christian is under attack. From attacking the validity of... more

Thank you for being a part of our show again tonight! We want to take a moment to thank all of our mother's. There is no love beyond a mother's love! Other then the love of Jesus for us, HIS creation! If you do not know of this love that... more

We want to thank you for taking the time to listen to another show from, "Your Place". We have been talking about end time the last two weeks. There are many churches with all kinds of beliefs. Some think that once you believe that Jesus is... more

Thank you again for taking time to listen to our show. Tonight we bring you part two of last weeks show. As promised we brought you a light look at what people think of end time. Both of these men have brought you their view point to this... more

We want to thank you for being with us for another show here at your place. We have just finished a great series on the Bible that we hope you take advantage of listening to and sharing if you missed it live. It was not the normal presentation... more

Thank you again for making Your Place your blog talk show of choice. Tonight you will get the second part of the lesson regarding if you should use anything but the King James Version of the bible. There are a couple of points that I am not... more
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