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The Race Card and George Zimmerman shooting

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We hope this song didn't offend anyone, but this speaks volumes to the news and our society today. This case has been covered in the press from start to finish and then some.  This is a very emotional incident, and the press is still playing on emotions more than giving facts, creating  extra drama in the process.   As a nation all people have the right to protest things that they don't agree with.  On the other hand,  using violence and damaging property as a protest is wrong.  Doing this doesn't help build change to this type of situation. There's enough drama when you take into account that a 17 year old young man has been shot and killed.  He had his entire life before him and now he's dead.  There is no way that this is not a bad situation.  How does a family cope with this?   We have some clips that we want to share with you to help you to see some of the drama and hear the total message of what has been presented in sound bite form.  You be the judge of the soundbites you have heard compared to the entire statement.  Sometimes sound bites are twisted to make a point.  We have to point out that we do have a black President!  Wild Bill has some questions for you...If you had control, what do you think we could do to keep things like this from happening in the future?   If you were on the jury what would have been your vote?  And last, as people of faith, do we have a responsibility to make a difference, and how should we do this?  Matt Maddox gave us the numbers of how kids without fathers in low income homes make up the majority of those in prison. Do we have a calling to this situation, or do we play the blame game like everyone else?