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How do you set your value?

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We live in a time where everything you may hope to be, is under attack.   Many of us lived in a time where you were taught if you were willing to work hard that you could be somebody.  And history is full of people who came from meger beginnings and achieved great things.  If you are looking to find financial security.  People are finding everyday that the bar is constantly being moved.  Where labor once had a voice, this has been muffled!.  Laws were changed to effect this, as well as little immigration control.  All due to corporate greed!  Some people are saying education is the answer to having a fullfilling life.  But how many people do you know that have a college degree earning less then $1000 a week? While working beside someone earning the same with a HS diploma!  Many of you used to dream of getting married and starting a home as a way to fullfillment.  Now, you are under attack with the lifestyles that the entertainment industry flaunts to the world as normal.  The normal gender roles that our grandparents lived by is gone.  Now we live in a time of both spouses having to work to make ends meet.  Women are now filling jobs that used to be considered head of family jobs.  Competition in the job place among gender is now encouraged. The next generation thinks this is normal!  If you are one of those people trying to find balance and fullfillment through your faith in God, you have now become the minority in this country.  Marriage that was established by the God and practiced by the church is now changed by our courts and polictical system.  Clothes and decorations in the workplace or school showing faith, can get you sent home!  But, same sex affection in public is ok!  Things against religion on clothes is now freedom of speech    So how do you determine Value today? Because of these things has your values changed?