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Are U tired of being called a public toilet seat cause everybody just comes by and pisses on u and leaves, or maybe its your grandpa who stays beating your ass in madden after he just took a fresh batch of Viagra pills, and He runs around the living room after, feeling himself. Are maybe U just tired of Bums on gamersaloon taking your hard earned money, U made the night before dancing in your FedEx/ups thong (white in the front, brown in the back)At a gay strip club. There is no need to fear the Yoooooomoma church of madden is here. U wonna feel like a Dud who can Drive a 100mils and almost win a MC. Are full back dive your opponent to the point he figures out what You are doing and than blurrrrrs U.or talk a whole bunch of before the tourney about how you’ll play anybody for any kind of money, and get to the tournament and only make side beats. Well this is the show for you, will make U so tuff U would wonna smack YOMOMA.

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Show #9 a 2 hour special players bowl Talk with all the biggest crews attending the event. Also on the show Madden 05 challenge Champion Jarvis will be on the show. And the Biggest name in the madden community Reality will be on the... more

Show Num 8 and its going to be a good one, with Guess like, The winner of madden nation 3 Problem and Dynasty from madden nation 4 And the event organizer of Players bowl Bobby Storm and the host of madden nation and the... more

I will be broadcasting live At legends Bar & grill in long beach At a madden Tournament

Show num 7 will Feature the real Lil man From GTP and Boy Blue from SnS, Doing the news and Updates on the show Tonight Free Mick Vick……

Show number 6. Yes we are Officially the number 1 madden radio show. This episode I will be playing my dynasty diss track called Lip Ring. Guest on the show will be madden nation 4 winner young Neph and Corp president Truth.

This show will be about me, running the west coast, after I beat problem I feel like a God. This is Proof the madden Holy water I sale For 7.99 works. Guest on the show will be Pastor Chow and Pastor Dynasty from Madden Nation….

A special Radio broadcast 2/18/09 Taking Place LIVE at the Legends Bar and grill in long beach were there is a madden tournament were the winner takes home 1 thousand dollars guaranteed The best of the best from LA will show for this... more

Live at tournament

  • by yooooooomama
≥I am calling Out names. 1.Truth u beat me No excuses but that’s when I was mortal. I am so Godly right now I scar myself I got Bush and Chainy looking in on me cause I have weapon of mass destruction April 12th is mine. 2.Kstar AKA... more

The Funniest show in the madden Community Hands Down get around me.

Pasta Takes you on his spiritual journey playing madden. With guest from the madden challenge championship. Also On sale is his E- Book 24.99 mainlinegaming.com
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