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Join Yolanda Shoshana, BadAss Bruja, Clairvoyant, Celebrant, and Author as she brings you the best in love, sex, and magick! Find Yolanda Shoshana on twitter: @Shoshi

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This episode features Courtesan Curated lifestyle picks by Yolanda Shoshana to help you have a delicious and magickal life,Today's picks are Duncan Hine's Blue Velvet Cake Mix, Van Gogh Dark Chocolate Vodka, S'more to Love... more

Tune in to listen to Yolanda Shoshana talking the art of making pizza with martriarch of pizza in DC, Ruth Gresser. Find out more information about Gresser's new book, Kitchen Workshop-Pizza: Hands on Cooking Lessons For... more

In this episode Yolanda Shoshana chats with Nancy Warner, the founder of ThePotlicker.com, the top site to find delicious recipes with Vermont jellies made from beer and wine and artisan jams. Also find out about her new site The... more

In this episode of Courtesan Candy, Yolanda Shoshana, talks to Patricia Johnson and Mark A. Michaels about their hot new book, Partners in Passion: A Guide To Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy, and Long-Term Love. This show is jam packed... more

Tune in as Yolanda Shoshana chats with author, Kristina Wright.about her two new books Bedded Bliss: A Couple's Guide to Lust Ever After and XOXO Romance. This episode will give you ideas and tips on how to keep your... more

Tips, how tos and practickal information to live a magickal life! It's time to make 2014 all about your happiness and joy! Time to throw out your resolution list an switch it up to something deeper.

Tune in to get into your sexy side, as Yolanda Shoshana chats with Margaret Shrum, the Lingerie Goddess. Find out the hot secrets of how to get the right bra size to get "the girls" in the right place, where to get sexy lingerie on a budget,... more

Looking for a way to have more pleasure in the bedroom? Tune in as Yolanda Shoshana chats with Bonnie Gayle the founder of Sex Butter. Find out more about this magickal 100% pure and natural organic lubricant.

In this episode, Yolanda Shoshana chats with Naomi Traimor about MeditationRings, the hand crafted designer rings that help you spin and wish. The MediationRing is based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheel an important... more