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The Yoga Tree Of Love

The Yoga Tree Of Love


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The Yoga Tree Of Love, With Sunshine Alli

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Tapping into our Intuition, out higher self & radiance. Awakening through the chakra and realizing your potential.

Original airdate is 2/5/2014. February is official heart month. We believe every day should be heart day. Listen to Allison's broadcast on how kundalini yoga is good for heart health. "Kundalini yoga is great for your heart, from healing to... more

How's your communication? Focusing on the Fifth Chakra (Throat). The power and projection of our words...speaking the truth. Being Authentic.

"Personal Power of the Third Chakra" This is how we get the Kundalini to Rise!! A lot of magic happens here..tune-in to find out more.

Second Chakra...how mastering the water element providing excellent creativiity & more passion. Wearing the color oranges is very alluring. Continue the awakening of the Kundalini, discover your truth.

First Chakra, our foundation, this is where it all begins. Discover the energy and if you are balanced and it's serving you to your highest. We'll discuss parent issues, financial issues, and your ability to let go of things that don't serve you.

The Basic Concepts in the Philosophy of Yoga...."There can be many trips, but there is only one way to reach higher consciousness: that is the way of righteous living. There is no other way, every other way will be hanky panky. But the... more

"In Kundalini Yoga we don't worry about the effect, we worry about the cause, because cause has an effect. Effect can never happen without sequence. If a person can be aware enough to know the trend of the sequences, he can control... more

Yogi Diet - You Are What You Eat, more and more research is proving the many foods have many health benefits. In ancient times, food was considered medicine.

Yoga vs. Pilates or other forms of exercise! Why is yoga so much better for your overall sense of well being? T The whole mind, body spirit connection.