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No More Delays....... and what it means for you......

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I can see that the people are not getting this.  Let me be clear, what the "Actions" of police and thier supporters are telling us is that we don't have rights.  You should believe what you see.  I'm seeing clip after clip of so-called "Black" folks dealing with police officers who have been sanctioned to do what they do, still trying to appeal to a sense of shame in the harrassing officer and realizing that there is "Nothing There".  1965, civil rights and the great society was a "Delay".... Things are going back to the way that they were before the "Delay".  The delay masked the fact that "You live in the land of your enemy"....  From that perspective of being at war in enemy territory, would you expect fair treatment and rights granted to the citizens of the country that you are hostage to?  Sounds silly doesn't it?  The sad fact is that many people are not only in delusionment about the people here who have persecuted us, but also the Most High, Himself.  This is "His" judgment upon His children.  You don't think He'll do it?  Read revelation 11:8.....

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