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Let There Be Light.....


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YHWH's Light is what set me free... YHWH's Light is what drove darkness from my person and allowed a spirit to enter, that darkness can no longer comprehend. Our world is full of darkness and the people will fight to stay in that darkness. Our Father, YHWH Most High, says "Let There Be Light"! So, the Light must go forth, until my time here is up...... Todah Abba YHWH! Let it be.....

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"Do as thou wilt".... That shall be the sum of the law.... And that's OK, because the son of zeus will forgive you for those things outside of the scriptures that you have done, are doing and will do into the future... Do you not see what... more

What is it that vexes people so much about the true preachers and those that support them? Are they holier than thou? Know it alls? Won't seek the common ground? Uncompromising? All of the above. I'll testify that it isn't a flesh thing.... more

"He shall change laws and times"....... "He shall wear out the saints"..... This is all unfolding in the news cycle and I have to ask, do you see it? This world is vastly different from the world that was, before the last blood moon. It won't be... more

How can you miss it? I've asked this and the Father has answered my question. You have to have zeal in whatever you decide to do, in order to come into either the truth, or full rebellion against the truth. But those who are wishy-washy,... more

"It was ALL mixed together" is how the Priest Ezra described the layers of judgment that our Father sent via the MessiYah (2 Esdras 13).... John (Yahonnan) the Beloved saw horses.... Daniel saw beasts, but what we need to know in... more

Understand the power of what Matthew 6:22 warns us against. The negative imagery and the frequency of these transmissions are not any sort of a coincidence. The Zimmerman Precedent and the acceptance of the... more

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man..... What if I told you that the day being described was "Today" and what was going on those thousands of years ago, is going on right now? We are in the land of... more

Is the "Good" Minister.... a showman or is he a man that lives to preach the truth?? Is it his priority to make you feel good or to upset your comfort level and shake you with the truth? In the end, when the signs are being filled, do you... more

"We have rights"......"I'm taping you"....."You can't do that".... It is very obvious that many people don't understand that the laws that the police now follow are a whole lot different than those written down. One year ago, this new law was... more
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