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Yeyefini Efunbolade is the President and Founder of Living Inc. and the International Institute of African Studies and Knowledge Inc. She continues to touch many lives through her gifts and abilities for over 40 years as a spiritual life coach, priestess, spiritual diviner, cultural consultant, author, lecturer, teacher and more.

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What can you do to enhance the lives of our children and of ourselves through education and a seance of connection to the world around you. The Power of Giving, Sharing and starting your own Philanthropy.

Please join the Ask Yeyefini Show, where we will speak on Passion, Purpose, Destiny, and Odu. Each one of us is given the blessing of a unique destiny, fingerprint, Odu/Spiritual DNA and personality like no one else on earth. When... more

Education Concept for all children with concentration on children of African Decent (the Caribbean, Haiti, African American and the Diaspora) Address issues of social equity, political representation, economic opportunity, and... more

Please call in and have the elders you know call into the show. Please give examples of your knowing and of your personal experience and how you know for sure that the ancestors continue to bless us beyond their graves.

WHAT RESOURCES DO YOU USE IN THE DATING WORLD? Special Guests: Gladys & Michelle - "Twin Love Coaches" 1. Do you go online in search of dates? 2. Do you find men/women are attracted to you more when you are relaxed... more

Join me and my special guest, Bisi Ademuyiwa, proprietor of Healing Hands Co. and creator of Better Hair and Skin Body Food. We will discuss the power of natural beauty from the inside out as well as ways to live beautiful, daily. A... more

Change: Discussion on changes and growth on the inside and out: Yeyefini and Heru from Healing Earth Life Products will be speaking on the importance and necessity for CHANGE in our lives and change of mind body and spirit through... more

A Balanced Life Is A Source For Endless, Abundant Miracles When Mind, Matter And Spirit Are AlignedThis Month I will call your attention to the power of authentic, self-love. During February, many commercials are intended for... more

Greetings Family: I hope you are enjoying your new year and accomplishing all you set out to do in 2013. While you were evaluating your previous year, you may have celebrated the things you set out to do and accomplished... more

GETTING PREPARED FOR THE NEW YEAR Yeyefini will prepare us for the New Year: Why End of the Year and New Year Readings provide clear transitions from one cycle to the next? TESTIMONIALS: (1). My annual reading of the year... more