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Yeyefini Efunbolade is the President and Founder of Yeyefini.com/Balanced Living Inc. and the International Institute of African Studies and Knowledge Inc. She continues to touch many lives through her gifts and abilities for over 40 years as a spiritual life coach, priestess, spiritual diviner, cultural consultant, author, lecturer, teacher and more.

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My guest on this month's show is Akanke Adefunmi Akanke is a licensed spiritual practitioner, personal success coach and mother of two. She is the genius behind Claim Your Shero (www.claimyourshero.com), a company dedicated to helping... more

My intention and desire for you as parents is that you will create a safe transition from childhood to adulthood with a formal process that is used in cultures all over the world. Failure to plan in life will cause life to plan for you This summer... more

Todays episode I will share who Obatala is to ME, YOU and the UNIVERSE. After 44 years as an Ordained Ifa, Yoruba, Lukumi priestess I share with you some of my truths as to how Obatala can manifest, in all human beings. In all of his... more

The presence of increased bullying, hate crimes, and overall violence in the schools and homes and churches in the U.S. is a reminder of the presence of racism in our country. It is time to recognize it and start talking about it openly... more

We're having a special encore presentation with Babalorisa Rivelinho Bolivar, a medium and priest of Oshun, . He'll return to the Ask Yeyefini Show after his very powerful visit back in May to answer your questions and discuss the process of... more

YEMONJA ON BLOGTALK RADIO Learn to enhance and expand the Yemonja in you On this month's show I'll discuss the loving, healing, nurturing, and mothering energy of Yemonja, mother of the fishes, goddess of the moon, owner of the... more

Since the beginning of civilization all cultures have created ceremonies to honor their family members, national heroes, community leaders in fact anyone who have passed from this plain of existence but are still alive in the memories... more

Please join me Sunday, April 5, 2015 from 5 to 6:30 pm EST for my monthly ASK YEYEFINI RADIOshow! Join me on this exciting episode as I chat with two phenomenal priests of the intelligent warrior energy known as Ogun: Adekunle... more

Join me on this very exciting episode. My guest are 3 experienced Priests of Oshun/Osun/Ochun. Sabrina McIntosh Davis-Parham, Odo'femi, Priestess of Oshun Baba Neil Clarke, Adewe'de Ayanlere Tokode, Priest of Oshun... more

Join me and 3 very exciting guests, Ms Alana Wooten ,Ms Ayisha Nura, Mr.Stanley Mathews as I share with you some of the groundbreaking, life altering techniques that I use in my practice as a priestess, author, teacher and spiritual... more