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My Show is for the MATURE=Rude Language=Viper!!! TIME IS NIGH FOR THE CHOSEN & RIGHTEOUS!!!

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The LORD does not love the world, I know about John:3-16.Please the word WORLD has many differ meanings. And for sure Our LORD whom is Yahawahshi doesn't love the World nor, ESAU=Edomites=Caucasians"PERIOD" There LORD... more
  • by YQ
  • in War
  • 01:02

They believe anything the Media says; they stand in lIne, camp out for a pagan holidays. BLACK FRIDAY,Trample each other to get a Knife set,Play Station,Elmo LMAO!!! It's no wonder that they are slowly leading the sheep people to... more

Americas is slowly going into SLAVERY! No matter if you vote are March for your rights! BABYLON=USA is Done put a Fork in Her!!!

The Valley of DEATH is Live in affect, Only the Children of Israel whom has True FAITH shall survive the CRUDENESS EVIL PASSAGE Thats among us as we Go to point A to Point B. DEATH is all around YOU! We are in a Spiritual... more

Americas promote Faggots Dykes as if this is the NEW way of Life! The sad part about it, these HOMOS Have the Nerve to say the LORD love all people no matter What SEX they are! as long as you pray & give Honor to the GODS!... more
  • by YQ
  • in Culture
  • 01:01

The LORD has a rage against these Pagan Holidays. Don't Travel to see your family to Celebrate Thanksgiving! nor Xmas it's all Demonic & the LORD-Yahawahshi shall send WRATH to your Towns,City's & Hy-Ways!
  • by YQ
  • in Travel
  • 00:16

The Congress/Government stereo type the 12Tribe children of Israel. To keep them believing they need Caucasians help in order to Achieve there GOALS=DREAMS!!! The Racist Edomite Wmn said this in the taping of the... more
  • by YQ
  • in School
  • 01:02

The Elite that controls the WORLD have found a formula to keep MEN of the 12Tribes Strip Down Butt Naked & BROKE! (REALTALK)

Pray for your children everyday & night! they are the NOW TARGET for Satan's Revenge!!!
  • by YQ
  • in Youth
  • 01:01

Believe it or not this will happen & afterwords USA will start to grow with Jobs & Loans, but only for a quick second!!!
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