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My Show is for the MATURE=Rude Language=Viper!!! Also 2012 will be the year of Genocide within Americas. and Last The RFID Chip=666=Mark of the Beast!

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Church has DEBUNK the World into believing that if you go & give @ your local/internet church's not only will you be saved but, along the way you will be of wealth. All LIES!

When the curfews start there will be no more 911, fast food, super markets, dollar menu etc.. Americans will be forced into Camps! The Military will give bread & water to those whom are CHIP! and the rest will be killed or STARVED!

Americas is in for a rule Awaking!

This is happening now, Friends & Family turning on the men of the LORD=Israelites not all men who read the bible are men of the LORD, a lot of them or scoffers!

The truth on why your church is telling you lies of DECEIT! Most church's get paid well to guide you ASTRAY!

The younger generation will reach out for TRUTH! but, the Older people think they know it all. So they will stay in their ignorant ways!

Black Celebrities are felling sorrow, Fame is not on their forecast. They are worried but, don't no who to talk to. Meanwhile the Elites that own them are setting them up for DEATH!

Proof about the LORD doesn't love the World!

The Military along with local law enforcement shall come in your counties and kick doors in. According to the new law Executive order 2028 that takes all rights away from citizens!

Your faith is about to be tested in the worst way! You will have to kill or be killed to survive these Rough Times!! thats headed for Americas.
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