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My Show is for the MATURE=Rude Language=Viper!!! TIME IS NIGH FOR THE CHOSEN & RIGHTEOUS!!!

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These steps will show you how to have your friends trust you from the very beginning of a friendship. Developing the bonds of trust early in a friendship can be fast or gradual depending on the experiences each of you bring to the friendship. It is definitely worth putting in the effort to create this trust, whatever your prior experiences, and you'll find that you gain an enduring friendship in which each of you can rely upon one another to the ends of the Earth. Be trusting yourself. Before you can expect your friends to trust you, you need to show them that you are trustworthy and that you trust in them. Trust is a risk but when it comes to friendship, you're more likely to make and keep a friend by trusting them than by being a cynic and staying wary all the time. Ways for your friend to establish that you are trustworthy include: Don't renege on promises and appointments when you make them. Provide clear explanations or apologies if something genuine does go wrong to prevent you from coming through with your promise. Show emotion. Showing emotions to a friend is an important and easy way to show them you really care. Being open can result in two things: Either you get hurt because you left yourself open or you are given secrets when friends confide in you. However, it's better to reveal your emotions than to bury them so deep that your friend finds you shallow. Give it a chance.
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Common Sense

This Government has always flipped the script and soon the Obama administration will come up against The Hebrew Israelites saying that we are apart of the Muslim World, which in fact we are not! Israelites and Muslims or far... more

Black Mothers & Fathers whom are friends with their kids and not Parents. Believe that letting them decide there way will make them more responsible!

We as men=Israelites will endure hard ship, our faith is about to be tested on a higher level. Than ever before, just remember the LORD has never left you but, we left him.

Yes the Israelites shall be free & rule but, there are things that has to happen first like the Phantoms,Starvation,Race riots etc.. don't get it twisted we are in the 7stage fo show! but, no this Yahawahshi is slow to Vengeance.

in order to make wealth in this world one has to become totally WICKED/EVIL/BLOOD SACRIFICE etc...

Frats mostly are guys and most are Gay!=The BOULE----- Sororities are Females and most are Harlot's will do what eva it takes to get that Corporate CAKE!

Church has DEBUNK the World into believing that if you go & give @ your local/internet church's not only will you be saved but, along the way you will be of wealth. All LIES!

When the curfews start there will be no more 911, fast food, super markets, dollar menu etc.. Americans will be forced into Camps! The Military will give bread & water to those whom are CHIP! and the rest will be killed or STARVED!

Americas is in for a rule Awaking!
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