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My Show is for the MATURE=Rude Language=Viper!!! Also 2012 will be the year of Genocide within Americas. and Last The RFID Chip=666=Mark of the Beast!

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This episode I will discuss the Truth behind the Slave Ships & The role of a Slave Master! & When did our linkage separate ?

Lets Build-Support-(click link below) http://www.7stage.com/7stage/Fam_Support.html Lets gather ourselves and talk about building a ranch for Righteous Families. As our forefathers did in the days... more

Yash-e-books download link below http://www.7stage.com/7stage/E-Book.html This show is about the folks who give a damn about what's to come. Here we can talk like True Men & Women. As we where in the biblical times. So, What... more

This SHOW was re-Schedule because of a computer GLITCH! The show will air Friday @ 11am-8/16/13 GET MORE INFO @ THE LINK BELOW: and E-Book (click link below) http://www.7stage.com/7stage/E-Book.html... more

This is an open segment about the new show. Letz Talk (((((click the Letz Talk link below))))) ((((LETZ TALK))))) I would like to hear your thoughts on the new shows on YouTube. Talk to you soon. Sincerely, Yash Qaraah/Qaraah... more

CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW SHOW-LETZ TALK Please be advised BLOGTALK cut the show off EARLY!!! Let me give it to you plain, the name itself is a SATANIC! Maurice White and Phillip Bailey knew why they where being... more

CLICK HERE TO VIEW QARAAH SHOW-LETZ TALK This show I will explain the Madness behind the Word GOD. This was a way to confused the Mass's. Thus-far it's work like a charm=Spell Bond!=Evil. Man has always put his spin on the... more

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SHOW -LETZ TALK This show will be the plain truth on agents on FB. To look creditable they make friends with all righteous brothas and some sistas. Nonetheless they are paid to spy and organized with... more

(click the description to go to the show) This is a new show on Family Values, Marriages,Children, College debt, War, Gay life, Women and men being Ravished, No employment, Citizens of Americas being put in FEMA camps,... more

(NEW SHOW on YOUTUBE called-Letz Talk-below) CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SHOW -LETZ TALK We need to air out the true reason why Chingy is now promoting himself as an Israelite. Is he sincere ? is it a PR stunt ? And why is... more
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