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My Show is for the MATURE=Rude Language=Viper!!! TIME IS NIGH FOR THE CHOSEN & RIGHTEOUS!!!

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Most Gay's are in the closet even as Adults Coming out refers to telling people that you aren't straight. These days, kids are coming out younger than ever before. When I was a teen in the 1990s, some teens came out in high school, but a lot more waited until college to do so. Now, middle schools across the country have openly GLBT kids. There are a lot of reasons kids are coming out earlier. A lot of these, (like the fact that there is more support for GLBT issues and more awareness of them), are really positive. But while it can be great to be open about who you are from a young age, coming out in middle school can present unique challenges. Here some kids share their experiences and fears regarding coming out in middle school.
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Top Fetish's according to internet fans: Agalmatophilia: Mannequin Love Ever hear about motorists who stick a mannequin in the front seat just so they can sneak their way into the carpool lane? Well, some people use mannequins not in... more

A List of Slut Tells by: Internet Females 1. Has tattoos. This is especially the case if they're visible, multiple, large, and elaborate. If they have sexual themes, you're in like Flynn. 2. Piercings outside of the traditional earlobe placement.... more

1. Even if you're not sure you're cheating, would your partner say you are? Do you know what your partner's expectations are? Are those expectations acceptable to you? If not—if you think they're unreasonable for your... more

Q:What is smart casual dress code? A:Smart casual dress code does not require formal business attire like suits. Instead, it allows for more relaxed individual styles that are appropriate for the business environment, such as sports jackets,... more

What is modern slavery? Slavery did not end with abolition in the 19th century. The practice still continues today in one form or another in every country in the world. From women forced into prostitution, children and adults forced to work in... more

What is Righteousness? The Greek word that we translate as righteous is dike (pronounced, dee-kay). And while the ancient Greek meaning was tendency, the use of this word in the Bible implies justice and conformance to established... more

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a checklist that teachers could use to determine and impact our students' likelihood for success in school and in life? After surveying more than 4 million children from varying backgrounds and... more

New Years Advice by: Vikki 1. Cut down on drunk texting, or at least try to. 2. And if you do end up drunk messaging an ex, just shrug it off. Don't spend the entirety of your next day hungover, hating yourself. 3. In fact, learn to shrug things off... more

The adoption of the Declaration of Independence—237 years ago today—can sometimes feel like an event not just from another time, but from another world. As depicted in John Trumbull's now-iconic 19th-century... more

NEW YORK- POST! Two uniformed NYPD officers were shot dead Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman's... more
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