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My Show is for the MATURE=Rude Language=Viper!!! TIME IS NIGH FOR THE CHOSEN & RIGHTEOUS!!!

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These steps will show you how to have your friends trust you from the very beginning of a friendship. Developing the bonds of trust early in a friendship can be fast or gradual depending on the experiences each of you bring to the friendship. It is definitely worth putting in the effort to create this trust, whatever your prior experiences, and you'll find that you gain an enduring friendship in which each of you can rely upon one another to the ends of the Earth. Be trusting yourself. Before you can expect your friends to trust you, you need to show them that you are trustworthy and that you trust in them. Trust is a risk but when it comes to friendship, you're more likely to make and keep a friend by trusting them than by being a cynic and staying wary all the time. Ways for your friend to establish that you are trustworthy include: Don't renege on promises and appointments when you make them. Provide clear explanations or apologies if something genuine does go wrong to prevent you from coming through with your promise. Show emotion. Showing emotions to a friend is an important and easy way to show them you really care. Being open can result in two things: Either you get hurt because you left yourself open or you are given secrets when friends confide in you. However, it's better to reveal your emotions than to bury them so deep that your friend finds you shallow. Give it a chance.
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More people are moving out of New Jersey than are moving in. The same is true for Illinois and New York. Those three states top the ?outbound? list compiled by United Van Lines, the big St. Louis-based moving company that has put... more

Last year the world kind of forgot about Europe. After ECB head Mario Draghi vowed to ?do whatever it takes? to get the Continent growing, the markets calmed down, money got cheap and plentiful and functionally-bankrupt countries like... more

JEWS CONTROL THE MONEY IN AMERICA. Period. End of story.Zionist Jews own and run the Federal Reserve Bank that the US government continually borrows from...and is in debt to. Napoleon said: When a government is... more

Destination of African Slaves (1519–1867)[1] DestinationPercentagePortuguese America38.5%British America (minus North America)18.4%Spanish Empire17.5%French Americas13.6%British North... more

HELLO FAMILY: I'M REDOING THE SHOW IT WAS ALL CUT OFF! Water in Toledo, Ohio, and surrounding areas remained officially undrinkable Sunday evening, more than 36 hours after a do-not-drink order went into place for... more

nig·ger [nig-er] Show IPA Usage note The term nigger is now probably the most offensive word in English. Its degree of offensiveness has increased markedly in recent years, although it has been used in a derogatory manner... more

As many New Yorkers struggle to make ends meet and state and city budget deficits skyrocket, our rookie governor has a new, astonishing trick for his recovery plan - tax cuts for the wealthy. That's right, Gov. Cuomo, the... more

Did you know that there is scientific evidence conclusively proving that reincarnation is real? Its true, Dr Ian Stevenson, professor of Psychiatry at the Virginia School of Medicine for 50+ years, using strict scientific protocols,... more

12 Nov 1914: When the Indians Arrived The people of the Raj – modern India and Pakistan – were not consulted about their participation in the war. More than 1 million soldiers served overseas in the Indian army – and... more
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