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My Show is for the MATURE=Rude Language=Viper!!! Also 2012 will be the year of Genocide within Americas. and Last The RFID Chip=666=Mark of the Beast!

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As many New Yorkers struggle to make ends meet and state and city budget deficits skyrocket, our rookie governor has a new, astonishing trick for his recovery plan - tax cuts for the wealthy. That's right, Gov. Cuomo, the Democrat, wants to join all those Republicans in Albany and slash an income tax surcharge for every New Yorker making more than $200,000 a year - a mere 5% of the population. We're not talking about a gross income of $200,000. This cut would be on taxable income above $200,000 - after the filer has taken advantage of every deduction and loophole IRS regulations allow. The Legislature approved the surcharge, or so-called millionaire's tax, two years ago. It did so following the near economic collapse brought on by Wall Street greed. The temporary surcharge was meant to help the state weather the recession and is set to expire in December. Since the tax was enacted, big banks, corporations and their investors have recovered and are flush with record profits. Too many New Yorkers, on the other hand, still face unemployment, a persistent mortgage crisis, depressed property values, zooming health care costs and frozen wages. As a result, state government is staring at a $10 billion shortfall for the budget year that begins April 1. Closing that gap will mean major cuts to education, Medicaid and other services.
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12 Nov 1914: When the Indians Arrived The people of the Raj – modern India and Pakistan – were not consulted about their participation in the war. More than 1 million soldiers served overseas in the Indian army – and... more

Determine Your Fitness Goals and Keep Track of Them As with any type of exercise you begin, it's important to consider the ages and current fitness levels of all participants. Then you can work toward increasing the intensity... more

Woe unto America! Many of our nation's highest leaders worship Satan, and are willing servants of EVIL. They are controlled by Satan, the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4). Satan controls these men through the occult (i.e., ?hidden?... more

YouTube to charge for watching videos: Monthly subscription channels set to launch this week to take on TV broadcasters Subscriptions could cost £1.28 ($1.99 a month) per channel Between 25 and 50 channels are... more

This show is about those so called friends and really they are FOES! They wanna know your every move because of there jealousy. A lot of your so called family members are FOES! always cutting you up behind your back, always in your... more

This show is about you nay sayers, piggie back riding low lifes, @ home on big mamas basement floor. Will not take part on anything that is positive, " a FREBIE type of Nigga" However will kiss lil wayne & trey songz in the mouth if you had... more

The Most High, has a chosen people = The 12 Tribes of Isreal=The Promise. also The Lord has righteous people whom will receive the kingdom as we'll. all nations will not go into Slavery! Only the unrighteousness will serve Salvery. so in a... more

What really happen with Jay Z & Bey Sis ? It wasn't about Bey being mistreated by Jay. This was on a Blood Sacrifice ordeal, Truthfully Bey hasn't given a Blood Sacrifice as of yet. Bey's baby was given by a surrogate mother, Solange was a... more

This episode I will discuss the Truth behind the Slave Ships & The role of a Slave Master! & When did our linkage separate ?
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