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Come to Learn the will of Elohim our Creator according to His source, the Holy scriptures.

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This episode will be used to explore our reasons for making the various types of choices in life. What should our motivations be and why are some good and some bad? How do we define good vs bad? What does our Creator expect of us and... more

This show is going to be an open forum to talk about various issues that you would like to discuss. I will have some talking points to go over about the state of affairs and morality in general but would really like to get input from others about... more

I sincerely apologize for not having hosted the show in a few months. I hope that you are all well and have been growing in your understanding and confidence in your beleifs. This will be a show to just recap on a lot of things that I have... more

Logic is most often thought of as a framework under which all thoughts, beliefs, cultural norms and behaviors can be criticized. This show will be a discussion about logic and whether it truly is the highest form of reason that it is often... more

THis show will be addressing the notion of freedom and how that concept of freedom of speech, expression and the rights to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have caused severe distortions in our outlook on morality and the... more

The idea of capitalism along with many other ideas that man has come up with are often blamed for the ills of this world. This show will discuss and critically analyze these view points to see whether they are inherently evil or whether... more

We all ask ourselves why we see evil in this world so much and why does God allow it? It's something that has caused some people to lose faith in the existence of a Supreme Being of power who cares. Some people say that if there WAS... more

This show is about one of the most popular sayings of Yeshua. "Judge not, that ye be not judged." Matthew 7. How is this teaching to be interpreted? Does it mean we can only make certain types of judgments or are we never to make a... more

This show is about thte questio about what hell is and what it isn't. IS hell the same as the lake of fire? Who is going to be sent there and for how long? Where do the common ideas about hell come from?