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Hi Yall, I'm Yammering Lew, I like to talk A LOT! This show will be me yammering with different co-hosts, guests, and callers.

Upcoming Broadcasts

Lew is joined by Gavin and a new face to the show, AB. AB is a nice, funny lady that is friends with Gavin and Lew. We will talk about dating in general, online dating, random BS, tech stuff, Lew's SUPERIORITY over VIN in all things tech. Vin will probably come back and talk about how Lew doesn't use his tech very much, especially his computer. AB will provide much needed buffer at times to these NLBs (Next Level Ballers).
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On-Demand Episodes

Gavin and Lew talk about numerous topics such as Lew going WACKO in Vegas and losing 6.6 GEES on a 5 cent Monopoly slots machine!, the BLOOD rivalary or rather LACK of BLOOD lately between the two, thoughts on dating and online... more

What happens when a manic BASTARD and a man with STYLE try and host a radio show? Tune and and find out. (This is a rebroadcast of the debut episode of Yammering Lew with Gavin.)

Tune in to a show with ALL HIGHLIGHTS from a bunch of the old Yammering Lew with Gavin, and Yammering Lew with Gavin Featuring Jordan shows.

This week we talk about video games. How they brought Lew and Vin together, and how in the past they were the inspiration for much of Lew's yammering at Vin. Lew will of course talk about Civilization IV and V, and also Galactic... more

We get ALL up in SPACE in this episode!! We will talk about the new Cosmos show that just started up, and other cool space stuff. As usual Yammering Lew will wander off on some tangent RANTS. Let's hope Gavin and Jordan... more

It's been a long and winding road, but YL and Gavin has gained their finest acheivment to date. We have reach 100 likes on the show's Facebook page, and the 100th liker is a lady!! It is our honor to bestow our honored fan with an... more

Yammering Lew and Gavin talk about MONEY! There will be much talk about investments, economics, finance, etc. There will be heated debates between Lew n Gav about their different views on The Gold Standard, type of... more

Lew n Gavin talk about Valentine's Day, their feelings about it, etc. Lew talks about how he just got back on the online dating horse (re-activated Match.com, and new OKC account). Lew and Gav talk about Lew's dating prospects and... more

Lewis attempts to act like a normal person for an entire 2 hour show. How far do you think he will get??? As usual Lewis has around 100 topics which Gavin will parse down to around 8 or so. Some of the things we will talk about... more