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Hi Yall, I'm Yammering Lew, I like to talk A LOT! This show will be me yammering with different co-hosts, guests, and callers.

On-Demand Episodes

Lew and E Tod talk about video games, including Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology, Civilization IV, and Fire Emblem. They disucss these games in depth and talk about why they love them.

We will be talking about the progress of "The Money Bomb", and other developments in campaign finance reform.

Lew and Extreme Political Tod are back again for another episode of "How do we get big money out of politics?". This time they are joined by Tod's uncle Steve, a Viet Nam war veteran and retired school teacher. Some of the topics discussed... more

It's Lew and E Tod talkin about random stuff, like gravy boats.

It's Lew and Nate talking some World Cup soccer.

Lew and Extreme Political Tod going BIG on politics once again.

Tod and Lew continue there discussion of the movement to pass the 28th ammendment. Also, Tod will talk about the walk he attended.

Tod n Lew disucss politics again in Episode 3 of the ongoing series "How do we get big money out of politics". This weeks show is about Article V ammendments, Laurence Lessig, and marches as activism, including on the spot coverage of a... more

Lew is joined once again by Tod to talk politics. Specifically, how do we get big money out of politics. It is the 2nd episode in a new ongoing series about this topic. This week we will talk about the proposal to make a 28th ammendent that... more