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Jay Cat Morris

Yakuza Kick Radio


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Jay Cat Morris talks independent Wrestling and much more with various guests

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S**t went down last night ... -Cage of Doubt recap —?Joe Gacy in the goddamn main event? —?I can't say I regret not going? —?... and no one gave a f**k? —?a fu**in' invasion angle where the invading... more

The Bulldozer is back!!! Topics include: -His CZW World title run —The potential IWA-MS angle -Origin of ?The Awakening? -Can he be a ‘heel'? -The match vs. Onita —Was it a ‘swerve'? —Pre-match... more

Tonight ... -?I didn't realize we were a company? -Nick Gage showed up at CHIKARA —Gage at Cage of Death?? —in AIW —?... a really, really painful barbed-wire board? —vs. David Starr... more

Tonight: -Shaheen's knee is ?like Mick Foley's? -CZW rewriting history ... again —Austin Aries ?bled CZW??!?!? —Thoughts on the ?Zombie Princess? —?Let's talk about David Starr ...? —?... obscure PS1... more

Topics include: -CZW ... Then and Now —Getting involved with ?Team Zandig? -Thoughts on the progression of Matt Tremont -Origin of Team Pazuzu —Why do we see less of them these days? —Beef with Dickinson?... more

Topics include: —Move to Memphis, IN —Returning to the ring —Getting creative to stay afloat —Up-and-coming talent —Paying the bills —Powerbomb.tv —Thoughts On Mike... more

Tonight, Jay Cat & Shaheen discuss ... -Review of GCW ?Line in the Sand? —?Brother prices??? —Thoughts on the Allentown venue —Giant referee —?Last time ever?? —?Tremont-lite? vs.... more

Tonight ... -No wrestling! -?I barely even watch wrestling anymore ...? -Random bulls**t heard at the shelter -Wendy Williams —?He monkeyed off that coke? —Judge Mathis was ?the wrong person? ... -Everyone's offended... more

Tonight's topics: -49ers disappoint again -Shaheen ‘don't know' football ... -Speaking of DJ Hyde ... —?He doesn't make any fu**ing sense? —?He just keeps shining his a** through the whole fu**ing interview?... more