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Jay Cat Morris

Yakuza Kick Radio


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Jay Cat Morris talks independent Wrestling and much more with various guests

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Maria Manic on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!!!
  • by Jay Cat Morris
  • in Sports
  • 03:00
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Tonight ... Topics include: -?Not my type of ‘Cat People'? -WrestleMania thoughts —?Undertaker came out with a weave ...? -Low Ki neck injury —Pulling out of the Riddle match —?... CZW, being the fu**ing... more

BLK JEEZ returns and discusses ... -What happened to Craig Mack? -Thoughts on modern rap battles -Thoughts on Migos -Best hip-hop group of all time? -How does Philly feel about Will Smith? -Where did Cassidy go? -?This mumble... more

Christian Simpson of TheDailyBlitz.net is back to discuss each NFL team's offseason moves, potential 2018 Draft possibilities, and forecast for the upcoming season.

Tonight's topics include: -Back From Hiatus -?As you know I don't watch wrestling ... I just talk about it? -Training ‘turned up' -Tattoo plan -Thoughts on Rich Swann —?Wrestling has no morals? —?... on some real, real weird... more

Tonight .... -CZW in Asbury —?Building looks fu**in' dope? —The ?Drew Cha-hos? of the bleachers —?One step forward, two steps backward? —?What kinda f**k sh*t is this??? -?Another thing that's... more

-Jay Cat WATCHES WRESTLING!!!! —?It was an impulse ... I acted on it ... and I regretted it? -Shaheen goes to ?some form of anarchy rally? —Review of ?Jimmy Lloyd's Birthday Party? —GCW gets... more

Tonight ... -49ers Update —‘That's a wrap' Reuben Foster! -CZW Hall of Fame —?It's been some bulls*it for awhile? —?Thank you for your service ...? —?Not to be a di**head but ...? —Where is the... more

Tonight's topics include: -Eagles win the Super Bowl —City on fire?!? —?There's a lot of down-low s**t eaters in Philly ...? —What happens to Foles now? —Eagles fan cries —?That's a lot of fu**ing... more

Tonight, Jay Cat is using his ?terrible? mic to be ?carried? by Shaheen -?Just because wrestlers are nice to you don't mean you're fu**ing safe to talk s**t about other people? -How many ?Jeezus? ratings for the Zandig pose? -?Half of you... more