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"The 8th Day"


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***THE LIVE BROADCAST WILL RESUME WHEN YAH COMPLETES HIS INSTRUCTIONS TO ME AND I WILL ANNOUNCE A WEEK IN ADVANCED MY RETURN. I WILL BE BACK YAHSHUA WILLING, REMEMBER YAH IS IN CONTROL AND STILL ON THE THRONE*** PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVED LESSONS IN THE MEAN TIME, SHALOM AND YAH BLESS YOU AND PLEASE STAY IN THE WORD AND PRAYER AND OF COURSE BE A P.R.O.(PRAY,READ AND OBEY!)SHALOM YAHRA'EL, MUCH LOVE YahzProperTy. Here is the STUDY Link to the "Stong's Exhaustive Concordance": http://www.eliyah.com/lexicon.html{PLEASE BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHILE IM AWAY PLEASE IN YOUR SPARE TIME AND AT YOUR LEISURE, PLEASE GO LISTEN TO THE LESSONS THAT I BEGAN TEACHING ON DEC. 7TH OF 2011 WHICH IS ENTITLED "THE 8th DAY of CREATION". IT IS A TREAT AND A MUST! MAY YAH BLESS YOU ALL YAHRA'EL/SHEM-EBER, BY THE WILL OF OUR FATHER AND KING in ha-Shem (the Name) of YAHOSHUA ha-Machiach (The Messiah/MessiYAHoshua) HalleluYAH!} Every Shabbat (Saturday)@ 10 A.M. (MST) HALLELUYAHoshua!***New Listeners Enjoy the Archived Lessons they are very enriching from YAH*** ***Please Stay in Prayer and in the Word*** Live Broadcast: Every Shabbat/Sabbath @10am [MST]. True Scripture (Bible) Prophecy that is exclusively sanctioned by YAH to be taught ONLY by Black Hebrew Yahraelites. Deuteronomy 7:6; Isaiah 61:1-3.

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***Due to "Tech. Difficulty" I/We were disconnected but I IMMEDIATELY CALLED BACK IN and finished the MESSAGE, BE BLESS Yahra'el and Shabbat Shalom!*** ***Please Go Back to the ARCHIVE if you were disconnected and... more

HalleluYAHoshua!!! Matt. 13; "The Parable of the Soils" Which actually is an depiction of The Black Hebrew Yahra'elites being sold into slavery to this nation of Gentiles/Caucasions/Greeks and our (Yahra'el's) Heart (Ground). Where we... more

Matt. 13: The Parable of the Soil? Or the Diaspora of The True Black Hebrew Yahra'elites and the truth behind the Yiddish Name and Origin. Shabbat Shalom, YahzProperTy

The World is Jacob's/Yisra'el's and Yahoshua came to ESTABLISH His Order/Government. (1Cor. 15: 51-58: Matt.10: 5,6; 15: 24). Yahoshua Second Coming according to The Word He is not coming in the mode of a Lamb that's... more

We (Yisra'el) are "The Immortals"! Yisra'el has the PROMISES. Lucifer(Satan) fell because of The Glory, Honor, Position and Rank that was bestowed upon Adam ben-Yisra'el. Rom 9:4 KJV - Who are Israelites; to whom [pertaineth] the... more

The Lie from the Pit of Hell by "The White Gentile/Jew So-Called Clergy": The word FAITH. A must hear Episode this coming Sabbath. We will be going back to The Book of Isaiah next Shabbat YAH willing, Shalom. YahzProperTy

***Due to Technical Difficulty Show will Air Live on 07/28/2012*** We are going to journey through The Book of Isaiah (chpts.4) and see what YAH showed Him in a Vision what would take place "In That Day" or "In The End Times and The Last... more

Let us go into detail in with The Prophet Isaiah heb.YeshaYah (YAH has Saved) in chpt. 2 and see what YAH has to say through is Prophet about what will happen "In That Day", HalleluYAH! Shalom, YahzProperTy

"In That Day" (The Day of YAH and the Deliverance of Yisra'el). Let us allow YAH and Yahoshua and the Ruach ha Qodesh have their way, they are in charge anyway, HalleluYAH! YahzProperTy

Shabbat Shalom, Chpt. 7:27 will be our starting point, here is the link please read and it will open your eyes: http://www.pseudepigrapha.com/pseudepigrapha/AscensionOfIsaiah.html... more
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