"The 8th Day"


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***THE LIVE BROADCAST WILL RESUME WHEN YAH COMPLETES HIS INSTRUCTIONS TO ME AND I WILL ANNOUNCE A WEEK IN ADVANCED MY RETURN. I WILL BE BACK YAHSHUA WILLING, REMEMBER YAH IS IN CONTROL AND STILL ON THE THRONE*** PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVED LESSONS IN THE MEAN TIME, SHALOM AND YAH BLESS YOU AND PLEASE STAY IN THE WORD AND PRAYER AND OF COURSE BE A P.R.O.(PRAY,READ AND OBEY!)SHALOM YAHRA'EL, MUCH LOVE YahzProperTy. Here is the STUDY Link to the "Stong's Exhaustive Concordance": http://www.eliyah.com/lexicon.html{PLEASE BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHILE IM AWAY PLEASE IN YOUR SPARE TIME AND AT YOUR LEISURE, PLEASE GO LISTEN TO THE LESSONS THAT I BEGAN TEACHING ON DEC. 7TH OF 2011 WHICH IS ENTITLED "THE 8th DAY of CREATION". IT IS A TREAT AND A MUST! MAY YAH BLESS YOU ALL YAHRA'EL/SHEM-EBER, BY THE WILL OF OUR FATHER AND KING in ha-Shem (the Name) of YAHOSHUA ha-Machiach (The Messiah/MessiYAHoshua) HalleluYAH!} Every Shabbat (Saturday)@ 10 A.M. (MST) HALLELUYAHoshua!***New Listeners Enjoy the Archived Lessons they are very enriching from YAH*** ***Please Stay in Prayer and in the Word*** Live Broadcast: Every Shabbat/Sabbath @10am [MST]. True Scripture (Bible) Prophecy that is exclusively sanctioned by YAH to be taught ONLY by Black Hebrew Yahraelites. Deuteronomy 7:6; Isaiah 61:1-3.
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