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Check out upcoming artist Syameeze.

Join Yahaloma as she interviews up and coming Rapper SYameeze.

Carla Simpson formerly known as Carla Barnes is the CEO of EOTM Media Group which encompasses EOTM Radio & Media, EOTM TV and EOTM Public Relations. Simpson founded EOTM Media Group in February 2006 after... more

I would like to personally appologize for this inconvience to my guest and listeners, but due to unforseen complications the show was rescheduled. Celebritiy Guest John Gellineau was gracious enough to reschedule to be on... more

Join us as we revisit Lexzyne and get an update!!

Jayce VerseWe are in a time that is extremely harsheconomically: internationally. The Nation is atwar with itself; people areprotesting wall street.What would have been seen as extreme 10 yearsago, today is seen as the norm. Many say, we... more

online mixing and mastering services are ran by world renowned audio engineer, Vinny D. Vinny has experience working in the worlds top studios, with names such as French Montana, Pitbull, Yo Gotti, Jeremiah, Lil Twist, and Beanie Man to... more

For this new decade, one of the new voices of R&B will no doubt be that of singer Ebony Evans. Coming from a rich heritage of music, the Harlem, Georgia native is no stranger to the music industry. Ebony Evans was introduced to the... more

Odell Jones First Tenor, Second Tenor, Baritone, Bass and Lead He was born Cecil Odell Jones on October 30, 1949 in Detroit, Michigan to Charles and Eloise Jones. His mother taught him how to sing bass and when he was seven years... more
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