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The YACtivator Speaks ! Joyce Stech (AKA the YACtivator) is a highly accomplished woman with diverse credentials in sales, marketing and communications, as an accomplished Martial Artist, Karuna Reiki Master, Master Light Language Instructor, NLP Practitioner, entrepreneur, and finally as a high-energy writer and dynamic facilitator/teacher. All of these experiences have coalesced and are embedded in her work as the YACtivator and within the YAC™ system.

On-Demand Episodes

Joyce Stech introduces the Royal Gem, Purple Topaz into your field while listening to this broadcast. Royal Gem Purple Topaz is like getting an inoculation against attracting the "wrong" person into your life. Joyce isn't much for the idea... more

Joyce Stech candidly speaks about the Holiday Eating Syndrome! Most people will gain 5+ pounds from Thanksgiving to December 31st! Why do we do these things? Some tips and insights on this quick, mini look at our holiday demise... more

Erica Girth, Master Healer and writer in the realms of astrology and transformation, shares her insights on transformative energies that are occuring April 15th through April 29th, 2014. This is a "must listen" as the energies are... more

I know....Really, really.....what kind of title is that??? Sounds Harsh and Abravise to you? Guess it could be called "Energy Workers Take Action" - how boring is that!!! So this episode is not for everyone, especially if you are easily offended.... more

Joyce Stech, The Yactivator, shares some of the insights from her book, YAC, Your Evolutionary Power Tool. This reading of excerpts from YAC include an amazing download of GRACE and her gift to her listeners....MANIFESTING in... more

Your Life Purpose Is At Your Fingertips! Shankarji, Certified Palmist, speaks about the Ancient Wisdom of the Art of Palmistry. The ony lines that never change in your hands are your fingertips. Interesting? This is the area of your hands that... more

Shankarji, founder of the evolutionary experience, Alchemical Breathwork™ , discusses why Breathing is the Fountain of Youth!!!! What is Alchemical Breathwork™ and how does this powerful breathing modality release... more

Back by Popular Demand - Shihan Dale Coker, 8th dan, Founder of Japan Karate Institute, is our guest from Thailand! What a great opportunity to share, speak with and listen once again to the wisdom that Shihan Coker has to offer.... more

Part 2 - Stacey Sherman continues with "Creating Marketing GPS". This is a continuation of the August 29th show which Stacey shared incredible ideas and downloads for your personal business expansion. If you are ready to "shift your... more

An exciting show today with Guest Speaker Stacey Sherman of the Sherman Group. So many Healers with incredible abilities do not know how to market themselves and create a business. Stacey is successful as an amazing healer... more