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The Healing Jedi Master

The Healing Jedi Master - Empowering the Force Within You


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The YACTIVATOR SPEAKS! Joyce Stech, Founder of YAC™, Your Evolutionary Power Tool and Royal Gems Matrix Healing System™, is a highly accomplished woman with diverse credentials in sales, marketing and communications. As an accomplished Martial Artist,7th degree of an ancient Okinawan system she developed healing techniques based on these ancient, hidden principles.Incorporated with an array of certifications in many metaphysical and business modalities, her entrepreneurial nature and her contagious high-energy, is inspirational, motivational and transformational. Whether reading her books or experiencing her LIVE, her dynamic, explosive energy makes her an extremely effective writer, on-line instructor and dynamic facilitator/teacher.

On-Demand Episodes

"3 STEPS ON HOW TO ERADICATE STRESS" with Dr. Peter Fricke,M.D.,PhD Join Joyce Stech and Dr. Peter A. Fricke for a discussion about reducing stress at its origin thus regaining your health, well being and longevity. Dr. Fricke's... more

Greg Johnson, best selling author of Loving Heart and Powerful Soul: Seven Principles for Transforming the Homeless Youth Epidemic Forevermore, joins us to an Adventure Into Your Inner Game and how to break through the barrier... more

People often ask me what I do and how I do it. Here is one idea about creating a co-creational matrix that can be used by teachers for easier student learning, for business meetings for cohesiveness in a project, for innovators creating new... more

Relationships are tricky! Our guest today is Sheila McCaffery,Certified Transformational Life Coach with expertise in Executive Coaching. How are you playing in your relationship? Are you the Giver? the Taker? All in or all out?... more

This is #1 in the Royal Gems series. This episode is a "brief" introduction to "What are Royal Gems™?" As the series progresses more information is revealed and ...in the course of time....you will get to experience the Royal Gems in your... more

Which appeals to you more.... the idea of what's holding you back or saying what's my next step in my evolution? Does it make a difference how we speak to ourselves and others? Are words really THAT important? When you "pray" how... more

Yes, Virginia, God Geometrizes!!!! See what Plato, the Ancients and the Universe tell us about Sacred Geometry, Light and Color in this Colorful, Playful and Anything Can Happen banter with Munishwarji and Joyce Stech. If you could... more

Joyce Stech introduces the Royal Gem, Purple Topaz into your field while listening to this broadcast. Royal Gem Purple Topaz is like getting an inoculation against attracting the "wrong" person into your life. Joyce isn't much for the idea... more

Joyce Stech candidly speaks about the Holiday Eating Syndrome! Most people will gain 5+ pounds from Thanksgiving to December 31st! Why do we do these things? Some tips and insights on this quick, mini look at our holiday demise... more

Erica Girth, Master Healer and writer in the realms of astrology and transformation, shares her insights on transformative energies that are occuring April 15th through April 29th, 2014. This is a "must listen" as the energies are... more