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Join Mr. Scorpio himself, Jason Rosevelt Colbert, for this compelling adult show about topics that everyone wants to discuss, but no one is brave enough to address. Men, Women, Love, Sex, & Relationship issues. Nothing escapes X &​ Y Baby!

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This show, Jason questions the sex drive of women. Physically, it would seem that women would be more willing to engage in sex, being that they have a special organ which sole purpose is to experience pleasure. If that is the case,... more

It is the year 2013…And we are seeing more, and more mixed couples, particularity with Black men and White women. In this episode, Jason will enlighten you of the real reasons why Black men are willing to date outside their... more

In this show, Jason talks about how many African-Americans discriminate among their own race when looking for their potential soul mates. Isn't it ironic that a race that has been discriminated against so much continues to discriminate against... more

Your woman does any, and everything you desire when it comes to sex. But deep down, you know you are not the only one who has enjoyed her talents. Actually, you are sure there were many Dairy farmers who got a lot of free milk!... more

Many, if not all single women choose potential mates or sex partners purely on a physical basis. So why do they complain when they are bamboozled by them? Join me on X & Y Talk!

How many books can you read? How many headaches, stomach aches, and ingrown toe nails can you have? If you keep making excuses not to satisfy your partner's needs, you might open the bedroom door one day and get your... more

When two people live together, should all expenses be shared? Expenses which might include child support, student loans, etc.? Join me on X & Y Talk!

Many women believe that men are simply not good ?listeners?. Is it true or do we just listen different? Join me on X & Y Talk!

I think pu*sy is like wine. As it ages, it looks, tastes, and feels better. Join me on X & Y Talk!

If you are in a relationship and your partner is lacking on their hygiene practices, and they're overall cleanliness does not meet up to your standards, how do you tell them? Do you tell them at all? Join me on X & Y Talk!