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Thanks for visiting the official Xtreme Praise Radio Show page. Please Note: We now air every 2nd & 4th Sunday from 7-9pmEST. Feel free to listen to our extensive array of previously aired shows featuring amazing guests, Hot Topics & great info on everything from Hot Topics, Music, Health & fitness to Relationships & Black History! Whether you missed the live broadcast or just want to listen to your favorite episode again, I'm sure you'll be blessed by the movement that is Xtreme Praise!! Look out for announcements on our upcoming shows & events here, on FB "XtremePraiseRadioShow, & Follow us on Twitter @XtremePraiseNow The current Xtreme Praise Show was originally the O.D.X-treme Praise Show. It was the flagship Christian Variety show on Everyday Radio. Founded by Orlando Hanson, DeAngela Curtis & Xavier Bost, it debuted Fri, May 28, 2010. Since it’s debut the show has immensely increased in both listenership & content. Life circumstances, such as the passing of co-founder Orlando Hanson (RIP) led Lady X to become the staple host continuing the movement. 2013 Broadcast Dates - mark your calendars: April: 14 & 28 May: 12 & 26 June: 9 & 23 July: 14 & 28 Aug: 11 & 25 Sep: 8 & 22 Oct: 13 & 27 Nov: 10 & 24 Dec: 8 & 22

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Forgiveness is the topic of discussion a lot lately. It seems everyone has been hurt or violated by someone in some way...either in their family, at work, church, on the road while driving, even on the grocery line. There always seems to be... more

Born in Ashville, North Carolina in 1942, the now 71 Year Fabulous Mrs. Annette Larkins became a vegegetarian in the 60's & later a Raw Vegan...making a lifestyle choice that would not only enhance her quality of life & even earning her... more

Wed, 8/28/13 we Celebrate the the 50 Year Anniversary of the March on Washington & the Extraordinary I HAVE A DREAM speech! Hear clips of the speech tonight on Xtreme Praise What it meant, what it still means, how far... more

Tonight we talk diet, health, & fitness. Learn the truth about the dairy and meat industries and how they could be causing many of your health problems; including being linked to cancer. We'll talk about simple diet modifications that can... more

We need to talk, pray, heal, try to make sense of this senseless murder of?#‎TrayvonMartin? and erroneous verdict. Tomorrow we'll do all of that on the XtremePraiseRadioShow from 7-9pm. Please tune in and let's open the... more

Have you ever wondered why God has such a heart for children? Why in Matthew 18:2-6 Christ declares 'unless you cange and become like children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven..."? In this special... more

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Xtreme Praise Show has been on air 3 years (May 28, 2010)!!!! This special Tues broadcast we'll celebrate the 3 year journey of unexpected blessings & accomplishments: unique, sometimes crazy, diverse and talented co-hosts &... more

Join us as we catch up on all the happenings in the news, listen to some great music...and of course CELEBRATE MOMs! Motherhood entails so much, from the time of conception thru the rest of her life, a mothers work is NEVER done.... more

Can the Power of Giving really change your life? Do you know what it means to give, how to give, how to make the right decision on when/whom to give to? Giving doesn't just mean monetary...you can giving of your gifts & time. By... more
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