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Tonights broadcast is going to cover a full range of topics from Netanyahus speech, the Obama administrations disappearing act, Iranian nuclear capabilities, the coming global Caliphate and the truth behind Americas roar to victory... more

Tonight is a replay of this afternoons earlier broadcast. Make sure to tune in and tell some friends to do the same, as a very compelling conversation with the saints at New Wine Ministry rehearse Bible passages on the Beast and his... more

Today we are discussing the MARK OF THE BEAST. We are going to look at this mark from a somewhat different perspective than what most have seen before. Once we identify the BEAST we should be able to identify his MARK. We hope... more

Tonight, due to a snow storm that has everyone "in house" New Wine Ministries regular five thirty service in Bella Vista Arkansas is going to be live right here at blogtalk radio. We hope you will join the conversation and enjoy our time of... more
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Tonight Pastor Vincent Xavier is joined by two friends who will be sharing on the Iraqi Dinar as a world currency and how some who have invested in the Dinar are soon to be very rich! Is there a catch? Time will tell. Tell a friend and tune in to... more
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This is a two message series that has gained strong agreement during the last few days. Much information, revelation and impartation are shared and a new understanding of what is happening in America is revealed. These are amazing... more
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On this evenings broadcast a message of hope for all who are struggling with any issues in their lives.Jesus Christ is a restorer and healer and is willing to reach out to all who call upon his name. The door to the ARK is soon to close and all... more

What do Chem trails, radio waves, flouride and subliminal thoughts being projected through the news media, internet, computers, radio and television all have in common? They are all being used by the global elite to reduce the... more

Tonights message will involve several topics that are lining up and declaring the Prophetic Destiny of America and the nations of the earth. From Massive Global Earthquakes, to Economic crashes to World war three, and a host of other end... more

This evenings message is focused on the upcoming Supreme Court decision concerning the homosexualisation of the nation. We also discuss the Declaration of Independence and the Prophetic word of Judgment upon America.... more