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Pastor Vincent Xavier and Co-host Paul Petitte are The Watchmen interpreting the latest news and end times events through a biblical lens.

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The end of all things is at hand said the apostle Peter as he admonished his congregation to prepare for the coming destruction. We are living in a generation where the same call and admonition to prepare to walk through the greatest... more

Live on KURM

Today Daniel Secomb joins Pastor Vincent for a live one hour broadcast concerning events taking place around the world and the diabolical LEFTS agenda to take over the world...IF they haven't done so already? Tune in now... more

How long will the enemy of mankind pervert the Word of the Lord? Obviously as long as he can right? But when will the ministers of the Gospel cease to do the same thing? Is it not true that often times ministers preach Gods Word based... more

Four months of harvest in the midst of gloom and doom. I know, you are tired of hearing it and desire a new sound, and there is a new sound, the song of the Lord and the sound of Heaven being heard in the spirits of those who have... more

Do you know how to cast a demon out of someone? Are you prepared to deal with demonic principalities and powers? Are you able to lay hands on the sick and see them recover? Are you prepared for war? Have you enough food... more

What did Jesus mean when he said; I AM COME TO SEND FIRE ON THE EARTH and DO YOU THINK I CAME TO EARTH TO BRING PEACE? I TELL YOU NO!! Was Jesus a revolutionary in his day? Is He a revolutionary today?... more

Today on the Watchmen, Daniel Secomb joins Pastor Vincent for a vital and critical conversation concerning events taking place around the world. There are seven TALKING POINTS that will be mentioned that may very well be... more

Today begins Ramadan for the Muslim world. Will there be retalliation from within the ranks of Islam against recent moves in the Middle East? Will there be a rise in Terrorism? Will the month of June spell GLOOM for America? Will the wild man... more

Happy Anniversary Israel! Today Israel celebrates seventy years since becoming a nation. Also this week, the U.S. Embassy settles in Jerusalem and recognizes Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. What kind of provocation can we expect from... more