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Why You Mad Son Radio Hosted by Cha-Boogie - with Co-hosts Nik Fatale, B-Easy, Craig G and Ms. 1 Hunnit. We discuss the week's top stories in news, politics, current events and social ills from an Urban viewpoint. WYMS Radio is tapping into part of the angst of a generation and is the place for the progressive urbanite to vent. Every Tuesday at 10pm

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Has the age of women's rights effectively killed a man's desire to "take care of" a woman? What happened to dating, courtship, opening doors..etc. Are these the side-effects of demanding to be treated as an equal? Does equal pay mean... more

Kentucky lawmakers presented a bill in the house that would require any person receiving any form of government assistance to take a mandatory drug test. Should a person fail, they would immediately be stripped of their benefits. They... more

This week the MadMen analyze the pros and cons of dealing with a man or woman when they have children. How do you deal with other peoples children while dating, when thinking about getting married, when tying to discipline? How... more

The WYMS crew brings it you straight no chaser again..this week we ask the question : Is America terrorizing Americans? From "Dazer Lazers" that blind crowds of Americans at one time to radiation emitting full body scans at airports... more

How do men deal with emotional stress? Is there really such a thing as irritable male syndrome? How does it affect work and home relationships? Is this the cause of overt male aggression or are these terms just a ploy to sell therapy... more

The WYMS crew analyzes the unspoken stigma of being a convict trying to reclaim a place in society. Does society really accept you after you've paid your debt to society? Are people pushed back in to committing crimes due to the... more

Are there Black swingers? Why is it so taboo in the Black community to delve into this alternative lifestyle? We also bring you the latest in news, current vent. and politics. Call in and weigh in at 917-889-2924. WHY YOU MAD... more

The WYMS crew analyzes the economics of being fat. Is it a conspiracy? How can we afford to feed our families the right way? What about GMO's? Why are genetically modified foods so much cheaper than organic? What are the health... more
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