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Learn why you matter, your Greatness matters and UNcovering is your access road to it. Listen Within every week to deepen your experience of Greatness. One form of your Greatness is when and how you are kind with self and others.

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How can 'givereceive' be a tool to help you UNcover your Greatness, now? How can ARKism be activated in your life so you can experience and express your kindness and happiness from within every day? Listen within and know! LIsten to this show and learn! I am Dr. Arlette. I am YOUR INNER Life Coach. I train your every day thinking to aim for your Greatness - every day. Givereceive is another word I have made up. This describes how much what we give ourself as information about self determines what and how we experience all of life. Click on FOLLOW and join the growing international community of ARKists who are UNcovering their Greatness more every day. Learn to melterate the awfulizing with your kindness. Learn that you matter... you are valuable... you are needed. Now! Tune in and UNcover your Greatness, every day.
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ARKism is a kind approach to life. Three principles and one activating question. 1. Be kind (not a doormat!) 2. Be happy (from within) 3. Be wise (emerges with 1 & 2) ARKism stands for Acts of Random Kindness (-ism). Your greateness is... more

What do you give? In this month, I will share tools to help you give your kindness and wisdom in each situation. What do you receive? In this month, I will share tools to guide you towards receiving kindness and happiness from within.... more

Time is all we have. We are in a place during a time. We are in our body in this now time. Is time your ally? Is time your friend? Are you time traveling and maybe do not even realize it? ARKism is your best tool to answer these questions.... more

How can ARKism help you make friends with time? Listen Within and UNcover your Greatness. Your greatness is already ready already. It came with you when you arrived in this body. ARKism is a kind approach to life. There are three... more

What do you do with the time of your days and nights? Do you kill time? Do you waste time? Do you use time to your advantage? Is time your friend? Your enemy? Your ally? Learn to have time be your assistant, your friend when you... more

Time is a fact of our life. It seems to move in only one direction. But, with our thinking, it can move forward and backward. With your thinking, we can shift the experience of the past and awfulize it (make it worse) or we can shift our... more

This is our last show this year on the theme of Motive. What is your motive and why care about it? Ever feel like you are being led by your feelings almost as if you are a victim of them? If you experienced your feelings that way even once,... more

As I continue an exploration into what and how motives affect our thoughts and actions, we learn how and why to UNcover our Greatness by using ARKism. Be kind. Be happy - from within. Be wise. ASK: What is my opportunity for greater... more

Guest, Leanna Bonamici, will talk about how to use ARKism in the world of production and acting. ARKism = Be kind (not doormat). Be happy - from within. Be wise. ASK: What is my opportunity for greater care and connection for... more

Are you motivated by your kindness? Are you ready to UNcover your Greatness? Are you ready to UNcover your ever present happiness, from within? Listen within and use ARKism to set the priority of kindness, happiness from within.... more