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The Incredibly Positive Power of Exaggeration

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Learn to Exaggerate!

In this episode we take a look at the increbly positive power of exageration.


0:17 Rob White

Hello! This is Rob White on WROAR Blog Talk Radio and if you've been around for a while, you know what ROAR stands for, recognizing the fact that you are an incredibly unlimited being organizing your self talk to support that, absorbing those thoughts deep into the subconscious where your power lies, that's where your emotions dwell, and realizing it in your life. Tonight, we're going to talk about the incredible power of exaggeration. So I have a couple of hero's in my life right here on my neighborhood that I'd like to share. Dr. Elsa Guzman, she is my dentist and Katrina Torres, she is my hygienist. These are a couple of girls that have taught me so much about the incredible power of exaggeration. Dr. Guzman herself was born in a small island nation, the Dominican Republic, and she was born to a very simple and humble family and here she is now on a very vibrant city of Boston practicing very productive business as a dentist and her hygienist now, Katrina, is applying too and getting accepted to dental school herself. And how did these two women manage to breakthrough the limiting barriers that their environment imposed on them with thousands of no's because neither one of them come from a family where they are doctors or lawyers or Indian chiefs. And it's because they learned to eagerly anticipate what they wanted to experience in the future, which means they had to be willing to exaggerate.

2:01 Rob White

If you're going to learn to live productively, you must learn to exaggerate and we always hear of that word in a negative way, "don't exaggerate, don't lie, don't manipulate, don't use it to look good, and don't use it to pretend you're somebody you're not", and I agree with all of that. But when it comes to exaggerating, that's one of the powers of humanity. Every human being has the possibility of having breakthroughs, so they can recreate themselves anew and living to a grander version of themselves which is what Elsa and Katrina are doing. Elsa has done it and she has successfully done it and I love her as a dentist. She has very vibrant alive business. I find her to be absolutely an essential part of my life because of who she is and who she has created herself to be and now I see that she is mentoring Katrina, the hygienist, in her office who is now also planning to have a breakthrough like that. So what is it to exaggerate? What do I mean by these honest emotions that are very powerful if you are going to remake yourself brand new? And these emotions rebel against the painful no's that say no to you. And I know of those emotions when I decided after 12 years of teaching that I was burned out and was trying to leave. I didn't leave until after my 17th year. That leaves me with five years where I was exaggerating about what I wanted to do and that was I wanted to leave teaching, start my own business, and become a millionaire in real estate. But the exaggeration was not taking whole in my mind. I wasn't eagerly anticipating that happening because the exaggeration felt like the kind of exaggeration you don't want to have.

3:59 Rob White

I had to turn it into an honest emotion, the very emotion that Obama had to exaggerate in his mind by him to a minority. The first, a junior senator, the first, to take on Hillary Clinton whose husband was a president, to get the democratic nomination, and then when the presidency had to exaggerate in his mind. Now, if you'd said to people a year 15 or 18 months earlier, "I am going to be the next president", everyone would have seen that as an exaggeration. But he made that exaggeration an honest feeling of rebellion against the painful no's and what do we have now, President Barack Obama, don't we? So he is a wonderful example of exaggerating. Exaggerating is something in Hollywood, its common place. Bette Davis exaggerated. Donald Trump exaggerated. James Cagney exaggerated. Bing Crosby "the Crooner" exaggerated his crooning. And of course, Elvis Presley, the exaggerator who moved his hips, he dared to exaggerate the movements on stage of a man. Men didn't move their hips. This man did, didn't he? He exaggerated. He was starting to get the power. It's something very intriguing. Did you ever considered the idea of being an exaggerated person? Well, that's what it takes if you're going to recreate a grander version of you. You are going to have to be an exaggerated person. In your mind and then in your actions until the exaggeration feels normal and when it feels normal, you are succeeding and having transformation, aren't you? So it's possessing a magnified way of expressing yourself. It's an amplified, "I am".

5:59 Rob White

You can settle for mediocrity or you can exaggerate and go for excellence. And if you're going to exaggerate and create a grander version of you so that you might be more than you were yesterday and do more than you ever dreamed of yesterday and have a life that really excite you, then you got to learn to be a magnified person, someone who is willing to amplify yourself so that you exaggerate yourself into life productively and then feel it. Feel it so it's just normal for you. It's just who I am. Well, this is a very powerful -- I remember when a friend of mine said to me that I haven't seen for years and he knew me as a teacher in the first few years and he saw me a few decades later when I had learned that I had homes on both coasts in a very lucrative real estate business. And he said, "My God Whitey, I never thought or expected that of you". He used to call me Whitey. Rob White was my name. In college, they called me Whitey and I said to Jack, "Jack that Rob White doesn't live here anymore. Whitey doesn't live here anymore. Rob White lives here now. He is a whole different person." And that's what it feels like when you exaggerate until the new "I am" feels normal. The old "I am" who settled from mediocrity or even less doesn't live here anymore. So you start exaggerating what you want your success is to be about. You start feeling it in your heart and then you can act on them. The power is the ability of your mind to expand itself. Your mind can expand itself to exaggeration, intentional exaggeration. You can stretch beyond your present state of being. Wow, that's a powerful one. Did you hear what I just said? The power of your mind to expand itself enables you to exaggerate so you can intentionally stretch yourself beyond your present state of being.

7:56 Rob White

I suppose in psychology they call this amount of a mental stretching. Mental stretching is simply improving what you do by exaggerating it. A good runner will practice sprinting at twice the speed that he needs to run the mile race. So he will sprint faster. So that when he runs the mile race, it's natural for him to run it faster, maybe not as fast as the over stretching of sprinting, but faster than what is usual for him. Nicholas Kent might part in the runs, I pulled that in for his benefit and when I went to a Muhammad Ali training camp when he was going to fight Joe Frazier, many called that "The Fight of the Century". His workouts were exaggerated. He took more punishment in that ring than anybody did in his training camp because he had no intentions of being anything other than an incredible fighter which he obviously had proven himself to be. Once you understand the fundamentals for exaggeration, then it becomes easy for you to know the next step you have to take which is happening now with my hygienist, Katrina Torres. She knows the exaggeration of her ever thinking when she was in hygienist school that she would be a dentist. Now, that thinking "I am a dentist" is becoming a common place for her and she knows what she has to do to get into dental school and take care of business and she is doing it with incredible exaggerated energy. When you exaggerate the "I am", you choose to be, you find, you have plenty of exaggerated energy to take care of business and you start speaking to yourself, your self thought in exaggerated terms. When I decided to be a millionaire in real state, I talked about Bob White, the multimillionaire, Bob White, the multimillionaire.

9:56 Rob White

Back then, I called myself Bob. I've changed that to Rob since then when I exaggerated myself once again and decided to become a bestselling book author. Now, there you go. Did you hear that? Bestselling book author, I'm not that yet, but I am exaggerating it, acting like it, and talking to myself in exciting ways about it. I don't brag to the world about it, I brag to myself. So do not be surprised if in the next year or two, up there in the New York Times list, you find one of my books because I'm exaggerating and I'm loving every moment of it. It makes life so exciting. Overlearning is exaggerating. When you learn to overlearn something so it will become easy for you, what have you done? You have exaggerated and that is why I love to read books, self-help books that are good. I will read them a hundred times. Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", 150 times, I overlearned it. So that then it becomes normal for me to understand the very powerful principles that he offered. So this is a very important path of your success, using your power of exaggeration. If you wanted to carry this illustration further, never underestimate yourself. Never go for being humble. You know, maybe you don't like Donald Trump or his personality, but you have to admit the man exaggerated himself into the real state industry and into development industry and look what he has done. Arnold Schwarzenegger, look what he has done with his exaggeration of his body and his accent and his action, look what he has done. So I share this with you so that you too can release all of you by exaggerating about who you are and exaggerate upward, not downward, exaggerate upward, not downward, that's what I want, alright? That's what you want to say.

11:56 Rob White

I want and then declare what it is you want and say it with an exaggerated tone of voice with yourself so you could feel it in your heart. You're magnifying your personal power through the power of exaggeration. You're declaring your right to exaggerate inwardly, so that you might have the self initiative to act in effective manners outwardly to prove that your exaggeration is no longer an exaggeration, it is the truth for you. As a matter of fact, I just thought of something. When you learn to exaggerate, you take personal initiative and turn it into a very powerful aggressiveness toward goodness. Not aggressiveness toward badness and taking advantage, toward goodness for yourself and everyone is involved in your life. So I hope there is something here that you learned because just speaking this, speaking it with just passionate energizing voice which may sound like an exaggeration, it is not right now for me. It is reality. It excites me. I am excited for Katrina Torres, my hygienist who will soon be a doctor. I am excited for Elsa Guzman who is mentoring Katrina, who is part of the exaggeration community that knows there is no stopping. You are willing to exaggerate productively. So thank you, mindaventure.com is my website. A Second Chance at Success is my newest book and you can find it wherever any book, good books are sold and you can buy it on from the website. I hope you enjoy this radio show tonight and I am complete.