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So, put it that way!

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You never know what gems you will dig up when you are a student of life.

This is a gem of wisdom I dug up as young man earning a few extra dollars as a landscaper.

So, put it that way... take nothing and no one for granted and true wisdom can be absorbed.


0:19 Rob White

Hello. This is Rob White. Here we are again on Blog Talk Radio WROAR. The R is to recognize your incredible dreams. The O is to organize your self-talk so that you might support those dreams. The A is to absorb that self-talk deep into the subconscious that is where your power lies because that is where your emotions dwell. And then the final R is so that you might realize those obstructions in the real world and that is the purpose of this blog radio show every Thursday night, to help you to get a better grip on your mind so you can create your life as you want it to be. How are we going to do that this evening? Well, we are going to talk about decisiveness this evening and what decisiveness can do for you. So there are many rewards, of course you know that, you can expect when you are decisive. First of all, the person who said those things one way or the other is able to turn his full attention and energy toward his next progressive step, but when we do not make up our mind __01:32__ so it is one way or the other, we waver. When we do, we are free from all of the wavering and we are able to get rid of the indecisiveness that merry-go-round that spins us round and round. Decisiveness itself is like a rocket, a heat-seeking missile. Once you have decided then not only does your mind is not seeking answers, but providence moves too and all sort of things that could help you, good I said that. What we are here tonight to do is look at a power of a doubt resolution for releasing the power in your mind and the first thing you have to do is let go of painful confusions.

2:21 Rob White

When I was in college, one summer I worked for the campus landscaping company and there was a supervisor who had about 11 of us students and he gets us together every morning and he had been there for about 30 years to great pride in the work, beautiful campus, beautiful landscaping, he had a lot to do with it. And he tells us what we were going to do and how we were going to do it and by the end of the day, he would say, here is what you should have done, here is how you should have done it. So let us just put it that way and then he would pick out a notebook and he checked off who knows what so -- and every morning, we would meet and that is what he would say. Tell us what to do, how to do it, exactly how the end of the day should look and let us just put it that way. Well, one day I got behind him so I could look at what he was checking off and I noticed that everything he told us to do and how to do it, he had on his notebook he has for the day and when he said let us put it that way, he checked off everything, meaning he had made it clear what we should do and at the end of the day, he would come around to inspect if we had done what he hoped we had done. He had the authority to let us go, fire us and he would give you one warning and then if you did not put it that way, the way he wanted you to put everything away and if you did not put it that way, clip everything the way he wanted it to be clipped, one warning, a second time, you are fired. So, as I examined his __04:00__ from over his shoulder, I realized why this fellow had such a great confident __04:06__ and why the campus landscaping looked so really pristine because he had a system that worked far and inside of him, he would grin. He felt very settled.

4:20 Rob White

He felt very clear. He knew what the next step was to be and what is that? We would go out and do what he told us to do and what would he do? He would go around and be sure we were putting it the way he said to put it. Well, when I think about that, putting it that way, it means that you are already aware of what you are wanting. This means you are decisive and all of your energy can be put into the choices you have made of what you are going to do for the day, for the week, for the month, for the year, for your five-year plan. So I started saying, let us put it that way, when we were putting things away there was -- we had to clean all the equipment and hang it in the proper places in the barn and make sure all of the debris that we had picked up was thrown properly in the dumpster and I would say, okay let us put it that way and we put it all away that way and we would all laugh and make sure we did, have fun, we take it seriously so there was an all-around efficiency, that is what we had, an all-around efficiency because of his prompt decisiveness and his trigger telling us let us put it that way. He had a decisive personality. He also felt good about himself and he had the admiration of many of the professors even because they were very proud to work on a campus that was so well-taken care of and they all knew that he had a lot to do with it. So he is the man who has had a decisive personality, had come up with a great phrase that had him checked on himself and everyone else to make sure it was the way he had decided it should be, who felt good about himself, one a feeling of inner self-esteem plus admiration of even the faculty because he would say, let us put it that way.

6:20 Rob White

Now, an unsettled mind which mind can be, and I assume you wish to, is a jumbled massive contradictions. The more I try to say let us put it that way, when my mind is a jumbled massive contradictions, I can promise you I sink into deeper despair. I even find myself trapped in my own effort to reason through the problem but the problem really is I have not yet put it that way. I have not made a confusion. I am still on the merry-go-round, going round and round. I have not yet become a heat-seeking missile. The more I struggle against my confusion, the more it wraps itself around me. Do not push against it, do not come up with excuses, do not say you need more time, do not try to gather more evidence or information. Once it's time to make a decision, it's time to make a decision, so let us put it that way. I read a story once about an ancient military genius Hannibal of Carthage, yet a unique method for selecting a self-sufficient soldier for performing vital tasks. It said that what Hannibal had something that had to be done, he would instruct his aide to send several men into his tent one at a time to receive the orders. On one occasion as he was in his tent waiting for several men to come in, he stood at attention and when the men came in he looked them right in the eye and he said "Go out right now and find the number of opposing Romans." He then, the first soldier, he looked right at this first soldier and the first soldier said "What would be my best route?" and he said "You are dismissed, you are not the man I am looking for." He called the second soldier in "Go out and find the number of opposing Romans". The second said "Sir that is not my usual duty". Fine, he dismissed him. He called in the third man and he said to him "Go out and find the number of opposing Romans" and the third man said "What map should I use? How should I....?" And he dismissed him.

8:47 Rob White

He called in the fourth man and he said to the fourth man "Go out and find the number of opposing Romans" and the fourth man said "How much time do I have?" and he dismissed him. And he called in the fifth man and he said to the fifth man "Go out and find the number of opposing Romans" and the fifth man said, "Yes sir!" He spun around on his heels and he marched out and he looked back in and he said to Hannibal, "If you put it that way then I have nothing to say but yes sir" and he became one of Hannibal's top men in the army soon thereafter. This is more than a historical incident. It is a message of a tremendous significance for anyone like me and hopefully you who wants to tap into his decision power. He may notice that the soldier's choice was in itself quite simple, uncomplicated, easy to make, "If you put it that way then I have no other thing to say but yes sir." He did not call for what is the best route, he did not say it is not what I usually do, he did not say do you have a map that may help me, he did not say how much time do I have. He was decisive and he too became a winner and one of the head honchos in Hannibal's army. So, let us put it that way, a decision is a calm definite turn of the mind, a definite calm turn of the mind. There is no effort needed, you do not have to have brainy brilliance, you do not have to have intellectual dissertations because a decision in and of itself is not at all concerned with how you are going to carry through.

10:49 Rob White

You are only agreeing fully that you will proceed and the chosen course will come for you. I know this with my real state, I know it with my restaurant, I know it with the books and the business I am putting together now, I know it when I travel to exotic ports all around the world, I did not know exactly how I was going to do any of those but let us put it this way, I made a decision and I started taking steps forward and in the case of this nature, you will find you are much more resourceful than you ever imagined. Whenever you decide that you are tired, you have no trouble reasoning out the means of satisfying that. Let us put it this way, you will just make a decision to go take a nap over to nighttime to go to bed and then you wake up feeling full of energy and ready to go into the day. Now, unfortunately, the reverse is true also and decisiveness has you deciding you will watch one more television show or do one more thing and do it properly. I have come up with one more excuse not to satisfy your need to take a nap or go to bed. Well, Waldo Emerson, one of my favorites, said that good intention clothes itself with a sudden power. Well let us put it this way, when you have a good intention, you are decisive and you clothe yourself with your own sudden power.

12:30 Rob White

You become powerful. So it is time to revolutionize your thinking towards your problems. It is time to know that what you want to do is let us put it this way, make a decision to solve them and know that decision itself, we have the impetus to get you started and then as good as that, all sorts of things will occur to help you that would otherwise never have occurred. So what else could bother you? If you put it that way, nothing. Thank you. I hope you got something from this, this talk radio conversation, I know I did. Please do come over and visit us on mindadventure.com, the blog is added and enhanced to the conversation I offered you and also, I would recommend you buy my book a second chance at success. Let us put this way, it has a thousand tips and tools and incredible rules and insights and truths that can help you, so that you can be decisive. All you need is to take one of them and put it into action. Thank you, I am complete. Good night.