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Giving women a voice online through our broadcasting channels. Providing them the opportunity to educate listeners with the knowledge and skills they have developed to succeed and maintain success within their chosen professions. These are our goals here at Women’s Radio Network.

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Judy Spinney At 10:12AM Barbara Salisbury At 10:24AM Claire Power Murphy At 11:36AM Nadia Crudele At 12:12PM

Nancy Christopher At 10:00AM Barbara Kohler At 10:24AM Cindy Farrar At 12:00PM Kathleen McConkie At 12:48PM

Gigi Bennet At 10:12AM Maja Steele At 11:12AM Laurie Johnson At 12:00PM Mark Leibert At 12:24PM Cathy Dougherty At 12:36PM Peter Hold At 12:48PM

Lois Mccout at 10:12 am Brooke Sanzara at 10:24 am Elizabeth Wilmot at 10:36 am Desty McEwan at 12:24 pm Cathy Allhouse at 12:36 pm Cheryll Brookins at 12:48 pm

Jennifer Moorehead At 10:24AM Dave Norman At 10:36AM Sharon Miller At 11:36AM Elizabeth Neale At 12:36PM

Laurie Dewine At 10:12AM DR. Pam Mullarkey At 10:24AM Diane Martin At 10:36AM Gwen Hurt At 11:00AM Henrietta Fidler At 11:12AM Betsy Stroder At 11:24AM Marie Grundberg At 11:36AM Teri Jones At 11:48AM Della Voris At... more

Jacqueline Truex at 10:24 am Deborah Harris-Williams at 10:36 am Jill Sapperstein at 11:00 am Maria Theelke at 11:12 am Ann Nelson at 11:24 am Kim Rowley at 11:36 am Barbara Sciotti at 12:00 pm Linda Bour at 12:12 pm... more

Odessa Basil At 11:12AM Gina Russell At 11:24AM Yvette Bunch At 11:36AM Susie Manokowski At 11:48AM Cary Kraft At 12:00PM Kimberley Chandler At 12:36PM Julie Ramsey At 12:48PM