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Giving women a voice online through our broadcasting channels. Providing them the opportunity to educate listeners with the knowledge and skills they have developed to succeed and maintain success within their chosen professions. These are our goals here at Women’s Radio Network.

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Cindy Nguyen at 10:00 am Julie Senko at 10:12 am Jenny Fishman at 10:24 am Chinita Pointer at 10:36 am Kathy Kouwe at 10:48 am Terecita Dean at 11:12 am Sherri Myers at 11:36 am Addie Lindstrom at 12:12 pm

Nancy Henrick at 10:00 am Charlotte Cermak at 10:12 am Sharmil McKee at 11:00 am Joy Lait at 11:24 am Addie L Johnson 11:36 am Cynthia Rosenberg at 11:48 am Julie Schejbal at 12:00 pm Maru Arostegui at 12:12 pm

Rita Wilkins at 10:12 am Kellie Gould at 10:24 am Andrea Odenwald at 10:36 am Diane Abrahamian at 10:48 am Patricia Silver at 11:00 am Nancy Edris at 11:12 am Elizabeth Lorenz at 11:24 am Sue Looney at 11:36 am Rhoda Banks... more

Judy Andrucki at 10:00am Laurie Bahr at 10:24 am Gail Pigg at 10:36 am Gina Pasquini at 11:00 am Sally Fryer at 11:24 am Dottie Johnson at 11:36 am Maria Mendez at 12:00 pm Judith Patterson at 12:24 pm April Brinkman at 12:36 pm... more

Jaime Quinn at 10:12 am Regina Kane at 10:36 am Anita Fuoss at 10:48 am Casey Gioeli at 11:00 am Karen Friel at 11:24 am Connie Reguli at 11:48 pm Melinda Clarke at 12:24 pm

Alejandra Brand at 10:12 am Katherine Wright at 10:24 am Lynn Harrelson at 10:36 am Rachel Blumenfeld at 10:48 am Lisa Crupe at 11:00 am Alissa Haines at 11:12 am Greta Biagi at 11:24 am Caron Wenzel at 11:36 am... more