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    Dazzle Your Clients (TM) Radio - The Road to Success

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    The Road to Success: what is it and how do I get there?
    Join us each week as we discuss new ways for you to Dazzle Your Clients (TM)
    Savvy business owners like yourself want to dazzle their clients, boost their business, gain lots of exposure and they want to do it easily and seamlessly. Simply put,  you need to have the spotlight directed on you; you need to be sought out as the "star" in your industry. Dazzle clients with your 'celebrity" status. Gain a ton of free publicity and blow the doors off your competition as your business grows leaps and bounds.
    The trick is focus attention on your expertise; you have a wealth of knowledge floating around inside your head. You need to take that knowledge and share it with your clients and the world. Writing a book does more for you and your business than all of the networking events and advertising you can squeeze into a full year of marketing your business. Sadly, many people become paralyzed with fear at the thought of writing a book but not you - that's because you are smart enough to know about the Business Owners Writing System(TM). You know that by following the easy-to-manage steps you can write your book and have it published in a short amount of time. You also know that you will learn how to use your book to build a highly successful business.

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    Writer's Block 12pm/Radio Drama 1pm

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    Writer's Block - 12pm to 1pm
         Host Tim Pylypiuk and co-host Bob Delaney, editor by trade and part of the Naturally Autistic Magazine team, present the third episode of the monthly discussion series about writing from the autistic perspective.  This show will focus on children, particularly autistic children, and how they enjoy writing and hone their skillsets.  Remember, you can call in at 1-760-825-0903 thiry minutes into the show to present your questions and opinions on this topic.
    Radio Drama - 1pm to 2pm
          Tim Pylypiuk performs a tale of horror called "Scholastic Memories" about a man trapped in a nightmare composed of elements from an abusive experience as a youth.  Based on a short story he wrote. 
    Music by Akira Yamaoka
    Shows are brought to you by Naturally Autistic ANCA and the Gregory-Collura family.  For more information, visit ww.naturallyautistic.com.  You can also check out their Facebook page Naturally Autistic ANCA and follow them on Twitter.com,

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    Chique 30 Minutes With Author Kenneth Weene

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    For more information about Barb and her books, please visit www.barbaraconelli.com   Life itches and torments Kenneth Weene like pesky flies. Annoyed, he picks up a pile of paper to slap at the buzzing and often whacks himself on the head. Each whack is another story. At least having half-blinded himself, he has learned to not wave the pencil   A New Englander by upbringing and inclination, Kenneth Weene is a teacher, psychologist and pastoral counselor by education. He is a writer by passion.   To learn more about Ken’s writing visit: http://www.authorkenweene.com    He can be friended on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.weene and followed on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/Ken_Weene If you'd like to hear Ken reading a short chapter from his newest book visit http://soundcloud.com/kenneth-weene/in-the-army

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    The A.O.C Presents...OPEN MIC

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    THE A.O.C. Presents..OPEN MIC!
    Saturday, February 4, 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
    Invitation to all Poets and Spoken word Artist, join us via Internet or telephone.  Call in number is 1.323.792.2990
    The AOC is a NYC based entertainment  production company founded with the belief that Artists have the Right to perform their respective crafts without overbearing restriction placed on them by the producers, so they can tap in the deepest levels of their creative talent.

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    3 ways to put your tax refund to work: Guest Dominique Reese

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    NOTE:  If you would like to ask questions of the guest or host before, during or even after the show (for archived show listeners) please go to the following link: http://www.learnforlifeconsulting.com/radio-show-question.html
    We are kicking off our radio show on radioblog with the wonderful Dominique’ Reese who is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer and of CommuniTree LLC.Through CommuniTree LLC Dominique’ works with colleges and universities, non-profits and for-profits, educating students, youth and adults about money, conducting financial literacy sessions and writing articles and columns. Dominique’ believes that “literacy and legacy are hallmarks of life” and she wants her clients to achieve both.
    Dominique’ is the eldest sibling of three girls. She graduated from Princeton in 2006, with a degree in Economics and a Certificate in African-American Studies.

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    The Business of the Music Business

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    All Rights Reserved.  The Jay King Network must approve any rebroadcast in writing.

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    We are now using the open mic format.  Please call in and let us know what's on your mind.

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    Jams 450 week 2 spring 2012

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    Analysis of week 1 ads

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    #29 - The Daily FAWMCast 2012 - Final Fawm

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    Hey, what with the Mayans having us finished off at the end of the year, I don't guess we'll have a FAWM 2013.  Let's celebrate the end of the world
    The Daily FAWMCast is a daily call-in radio show with musical selections from FAWM participants and discussions on songwriting and all things FAWM from February through mid-March 2012 during the annual February Album Writing Month challenge on http://www.fawm.org. We showcase songs and songwriters from the challenge, and discuss songwriting, timed songwriting challenges, and all the joys and perils therein.

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    DIALOGUE: Between the Lines with ANN CHARLES

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    ANN CHARLES joins Susan Wingate and Joshua Graham as they discuss books, publishing and writing.

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    YOU TELL ME ! 3/4/12 12:30 PM EST INTERVIEW Mary Angela

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    Well in April 2010 I came to recognize that I stopped laughing.
    Life was not fun for me anymore. I went to a very dark place very dark!!!
    I started writing and joined a writer's group.
    In Sept 2010 his guy comes to the group meeting and says if you know anyone
    that would to like learn comedy, I teach it.
    I was so taken back by this!!!
    Well if I get the cash before the class great. Well I did!!! Oh well now I need another excuse why I can't do this!! And close to work or home I will do this!!
    That was my promise to myself.
    Well I got the cash and the class was just around the corner from my home.
    The class was 8 weeks and last one graduation performance in front of friends and
    family. We had 46 person show up and 28 were mine friends and family.
    They could not believe what I had done. That was Dec 14,2010
    Next graduation  performance was April 14,2011 and now I am committed
    to following my dream.
    When you have a dream, Follow it
    When you caught your dream, Nurture it
    When your dream comes true, CELEBRATE IT!!!

    Every time  I can make someone laugh I am celebrating my dream
    I write everyday I find something funny.
    My friend Vickie,  who owns a restaurant, baked some  cookies they were oatmeal and berries(Not raisins) asked the little boy??? I replied back with a joke no the raisins did not want to pruned and the berries stepped  into the mix!! He laughed so hard and so did his parents!

    When I do comedy I feel as the messenger or channel ( out of body experience) and if not taped I do not remember what I said) what the audience needs to hear.

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    The Blood-Jet Writing Hour hosted by Rachelle Cruz

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    Join Rachelle as she talks to Kristin Naca

    K ristin Naca is a poet and CFD Fellow. She teaches courses in poetics, Asian American and Latino poetry, and creative writing. She received her Ph.D. in English from University of Nebraska (2008), M.F.A. in poetry from University of Pittsburgh (2003), and M.A. in English Linguistics from University of Cincinnati (2000). Her poems have appeared recently in Harpur Palate and Indiana Review, and are forthcoming in Bloom and Rio Grande Review. She has been a member of the Macondo Workshop in San Antonio, TX, since 2002.

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