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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Reckless... Sex..."

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    Author Rumont TeKay had a thirty-five year prison sentence in front of him by his eighteenth birthday. With only a bleak appeal hearings to look forward to. The gang life, fast money, fly whips, and cherry-picking women, was nothing more than just a painful memory.  Like many of his peers, Rumont took to the streets at the impressionable age of 10 years old. After his initiation, he quickly climbed the ranks within a notorious street organization out of Chicago aka Chiraq. At eighteen, he’d grown to become one of its largest distributors in the cocaine trade. Twelve years later, Rumont has been released from captivity with a different vision: Spread Venom through his Mighty Pen! 

    Author Nicole Jackson was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She graduated in 2003 from Kashmere Senior High School. She is actively pursuing a bachelor's degree in communications. She has an undeniable passion for writing, and utilizes her skills at any given opportunity. Currently, she has released three eBook novels titled She Got It, Hold It Down: Like Sister and Brother, and The Way It Is, under the urban fiction genre. Writing poetry comes naturally to her, and she's now attempting to acquire the skill of song writing.

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    Writing Royalty Radio -"Heart...Beaten..."

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    Please Don’t Kill Me: An Anthology against Domestic Violence is a compilation of short stories, written to advocate against and raise awareness for domestic violence. Some of the stories depicted in this anthology are based upon true stories while others are fiction. Domestic Violence affects thousands of women, men, and children across the country each year. In an effort to give back, using our unique talents, the proceeds for Please Don’t Kill Me: An Anthology against Domestic Violence,will be donated to domestic violence organizations around the country. 

    Author Crystal Alexis is the Authoress who penned The Social Deception series, she has also joined forces with other amazingly talented authors while writing the anthologies Tasteful Vengeance and Special Delivery. Ms.Alexis just recently signed to K.Ellis Publications where she is looking to produce many 5 star bangers!

    Yara Kaleemah was born in Newark, NJ, as a child she would spend hours writing stories. When her friends were outside, playing, she was in the house writing. Being that she was an only child she had a lot of time on her hands. Naturally, when people asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she would say “an author.” In 2013, Yara published her first novella, Too Much to Chew. It was the greatest accomplishment. Soon after came three more outstanding urban fiction novels. Then, she started S.W.A.G Productions. Wanted to establish something creative, they decided that the acronym stands for Strong Women Achieving Greatness. SWAG Productions is a platform for self-published authors. The company offers services such as editing, proofreading, and typing. She  is  also signed to Dub Life Publications with Rio Terrell and is host of SWAG Radio.



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    Writing Royalty Radio-"No Strings Attached.."

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    Topic: "No Strings Attached.."

    Guest Authors: Taquila Thompson and KS Oliver

    Author K.S. Oliver is a author, poet, public speaker, model and business owner who was born in New York and raised in Georgia.She is the author of two poetry books: Still Standing and Affectionately 360. She decided to take leap and let the world read her rhymes of reason after several people read her poetry and suggested that she share it. And she is glad that she did. In 2012, she won the Best Poets and Poems award for her poetry.In 2010 following the birth of her youngest child, she was diagnosed with SLE, also known as Lupus. Subsequently, she was also diagnosed with Discoid Lupus (Skin Lupus), Fibromyalgia, Fibrosis, Hypotension, Hypothyroids, Cricoarytenoiditis (Lupus in her voice box), and Severe depression. Her psychiatrist suggested writing in a diary to get her feelings and thoughts out of her mind and down on paper, but Ms. Oliver quickly learned that poetry came a lot easier. After the success of publishing her own stories, Ms. Oliver decided to go into business with a close friend. Together they launched the publishing company Black Destiny Publications.When Ms. Oliver is not writing, she is running her business Events by Ebonee’, co-running Black Destiny Publications. Ebonee Oliver has a mission in life to raise awareness to this debilitating disease.

    Author Taquila Thompson has been writing for a while she wrote her first 
    book when she was sixteen and pregnant but didn’t release her first story until a few 
    years later. Was was signed to TBRS as well as G Street but when her contract was up with G Street she decided to become a free agent. Since the releasing of her latest book, she has had some negative backlash but she knew that she wasn’t going to please everybody.

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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Side Niggas"

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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Side Niggas" 

    Guest Authors: Tamika Newhouse and Bengy Sherman

    Tamika Newhouse is a self-published bestselling author who founded Delphine Publications, at the age of 21; Tamika appeared on various bestseller lists and won Self Published Author of the Year at the 2009 African American Literary Awards only 9 months after her debut novel. In 2010 she was inducted into Who's who in Black San Antonio and she landed a major publishing deal without an agent and still continues to write independent projects. In 2011 her company Delphine Publications won an African American Literary Award for Best Anthology as well as Tamika won for the second time Self Published Author of the Year. She was also nominated by the National Women in Business Association for the 2011 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.Along with Delphine Publications, Tamika is the founder and President of African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) - an online book club and radio show catering to avid readers across the nation. She is also CEO of Obsessive Soul Media. With future projects in the works from short films, stage plays and much more, Tamika is a young woman on a mission. 

    Bengy Sherman currently resides in Fort Worth, TX where he has lived the majority of his adult life. He found the love and talent for writing while incarcerated. He felt that this was the way for him to change his life around. Hustler's Coalition is the first book he has ever written and will be published with Delphine Publications in 2014.

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    Writing Royalty Radio -Scattered Panties

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    Topic: "Scattered Panties" Are women giving it up to fast?

    Guest Authors: ArKeya Keys and Shawdea McGraw

    Shawdae McCrawwas born and raised in Baltimore, she is an author been a mom to 3 and wife! She is also a certified Medical Assistant, an actress and print model. Shawdea goals are to become an actress working with Tyler Perry and just be successful at what evershe does in the future that's creative

    Arkeya "Keys" Lee lives in Gary, IN with her three year old twin boys Dra'Mell and Dra'Mih. Her birthday is February 2, 1985. She has been a phlebotomist for 8 years. Writing is a new found love for the author. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Journalism with a concentration in Marketing. Her goals are to eventually write a "classic." Now she is working on a T-Shirt/hat line, co-writing a script, ghostwriting for local talents, and working on her series Pink Panties. Some of her favorite books are Flyy Girl, The Coldest Winter Ever, The Color Purple, and Charlotte's Web.

    Instagram: arkeys_
    Facebook: Author Arkeya Keys

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    Writing Royalty Radio- Honor Thy Author Spotlight

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    Author Ingrid Brown was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was educated in Illinois, Oklahoma and Kansas.  She receive a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma.  After working in a number of fields of social work including adoptions, mental health, higher education and working as a medical social, Ingrid is now retired and is free to pursue her first love; writing. Ingrid is the author of a mystery entitled Village Vengeance and has a new release, Miss Sadie's Song, a work of historical fiction.


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    Writing Royalty- "One Good Spark...Starts the Flame..”

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    Writing Royalty Radio

    Topic: "One Good Spark...Starts the Flame..”

    Guest Authors:

    Phnewfula and Agya Frederickson


      Miss Nkiyasi Helm (Ki ya si) is a 12 year old enthusiastic motivational speaker.  She is capable of connecting with children and adults.  Many of the presentations conducted by Miss Nkiyasi pertain to different forms of bullying, child literacy and obesity.  At the age of nine she won the Calbery Writing Award at Cumberland Elementary School for her first book, The Best Camping Trip Ever.  Since then Nkiyasi has written several more books. She is a mentor, 4.0 GPA student, Example Of Excellence, participant of Tim Horton's Leadership Camp, Student Athlete, and a role model in her community.           

    Amirah Johnson is a six year old first-grader who loves to talk and make people laugh. She wants to have her own talk show like Steve Harvey, support people and eventually be in a movie with Kevin Hart. She loves reading, swimming, her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite color is green."


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    Writing Royalty Radio- Special Readers Edition

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    Writing Royalty  Blog Talk Radio
    “Special Readers Edition”

    The Readers Sound Off....

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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Teen sex...Baby Mother..."

    in Entertainment

    Authoress Monique Love

    Author Monique Love is currently apart of the GStreet Chronicles family, she creates nothing but FIRE from her pen. Monique is mysterious, just like her characters, branding herself "The Pen Goddess". Her creative insight into the lives of her characters leaves one to wonder..She is capable of captivating her readers’ attention by keeping it so gritty and real that your blood will boil for more with each turning page. Author Monique Love has a testimony that she would love to share with the world and maybe through her writing she can help others find their gift as well as the strength and courage to make it. Besides sharing the passion of putting life’s incidents on paper Monique can look at anything and see a story in it. She would like for her stories to one day be read all over the world or maybe even seen on television. Her dream is to write movie scripts and make best sellers.  

    Author Miko O first surfaced on the writing scene in 2011 with the release of his debut title 1000 Grams which was fiction based on a true story, his own. Introducing the readers to the environment and mistakes from which he emerged from was the beginning of his journey into writing. The street life grew old. Life changed from day one on his two year journey towards the reconstruction of his life in fiction. Writing about the streets and no longer living that same life, especially now that he's grown and has a family.Recently published with DC BookDiva Publications, Mike O has released his first novel Smokin Mirrors, (Love and War Series) along side of a short story series in a category of its own The Tweet Files (Terrorism Fiction Series). With more titles on the way, the DC Bookdiva dog tag will be hanging on the cover.

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    Writing Royalty Radio- Love and War

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    Writing Royalty Radio

      Topic: Love and War

    Guest Authors: Keisha Ervin

    Hosted By:

    Aaron Bebo  Lissha  Toni 

    Keisha Ervin, national best selling author of Me & My Boyfriend, Chyna Black, Mina's Joint, Hold U Down, Street Love, Torn, Finding Forever, Girls From Da Hood 5, Gunz and Roses, Material Girl and coming soon Material Girl 2: Labels and Love. Fashion Blogger, Mother,Entrepreneur  and all around Diva!!!

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    Writing Royalty Radio...."Pens...Rocks..Scissors...Ego's..."

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    Special Exclusive Writing Royalty Radio Show

    Guest Author: Alicia "The Bawass" Howard


    Author Alicia Howard is a woman of God first, then a mother, founder, CEO, & Author at Loyalty Ink Publications. Her children are the reason she writes, they are the inspiration that keeps her moving forward in life.To know her is to love her; but inorder to love her you have to get to know her. Author Alicia Howard is proud of the gift that god has blessed her with and nothing short of him will stop her from using it. She is the author of Vicious, Duffle Bag Bitches, STL Finest, and Teflon Mafia and she plans to pen many more. 

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