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    #168 Partnerunning's American Running Vacation

    in Fitness

    America is a meca for running. With year round running options and adventures there is something to cater for all tastes.

    Following on from the recent Partnerunning Show feature on running bucket and our Partnerunning European Run Vacation episode this week we travel around the United States tasting the running menu.

    Taking a month by month approach we cover our favourite events including Honolulu and The Lost Dutchman as well as the better and lesser known events.

    Also on this weeks show:

    Over the shoulder
    Ask Sue
    Great Ocean Walk 100 review
    The road ahead

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    The Rob Black Show

    in Entertainment

    The most controversial figure in adult entertainment presents a no holds barred discussion about the future of the business. Rob's insight is spawned from having grown up around the adult biz, as his father owned several adult bookstores throughout Western New York.


    Rob was the owner of Extreme Associates, which was at the time considered an outlaw in the biz because of its edgy content. Such fare is commonplace now.


    Rob and his wife Lizzy Borden paid an extreme price for innovating adult, as both spent a year in prison on federal obscenity charges.


    Rob also owned XPW - Xtreme Pro Wresting, which was one of the top wrestling organizations in the world, with a weekly national TV show, employing such superstars as Shane Douglas, X-Pac, Sabu and the late Chris Candido. XPW folded in 2003 after Extreme was indicted.

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    All About Secondary Energy Types in Young Children

    in Parents

    What's keeping your good parenting from being GREAT parenting?

    Find out with Carol Tuttle—acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, best-selling author of 4 books, and the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth—as she helps you revolutionize your approach to parenting.

    You will better raise your children true to their natures by using Carol's revolutionary Energy Profiling system. Plus, she'll teach you energy healing methods to empower your children's well-being.

    Carol invites you to call in with your questions during the live broadcast. Her expert advice and hearfelt support will help you become a conscious, intentional parent that creates a supportive experience for everyone in the family—including parents.

    Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: parenting@liveyourtruth.com

    Learn more about Carol's Best Selling parenting book, "The Child Whisperer" at www.thechildwhisperer.com

    Learn more about Carol at www.thecarolblog.com

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    #109 Dr. Linda Nielsen, Father-Daughter Expert - Wake Forest University

    in Education

    The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Program is the largest school based father engagement program in the nation with over 4000 schools participating.

    A nationally recognized expert on father-daughter relationships, Dr. Nielsen has been teaching, researching and writing about adolescents and father-daughter relationships since 1970. As a professor of adolescent and educational psychology, she began teaching at Wake Forest University in 1974.
    Her research and advice on father-daughter relationships have been featured on a PBS documentary and on NPR with Frank Stasio as well as in newspapers, magazines and radio shows nationwide, including The Wall Street Journal, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Military Families, and the national PTA Magazine. Her work has been featured on many national organizations' web sites, including the National Center for Fathering, the Center for Succesful Fathering, and the American Coalition for Fathers & Children.

    Since 1991 she has been teaching her "Fathers & Daughters" course - the only college course in the country that focuses exclusively on father-daughter relationships. Her current research focuses on father-daughter relationships and shared residential parenting in divorced families. In addition to having written numerous research articles for scholarly journals such as the Harvard Educational Review, Dr. Nielsen has written five books on adolescence and father-daughter relationships:

    Each week, WatchDOGS Radio host Keith Schumacher and co-host Chris Danenhauer discuss how this program is impacting families and schools across our nation and in four foreign countries.

    Please join our audience and call in with your questions and comments.

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    La Literati Welcomes Film Director, Producer, and Writer Jack Thomas Smith

    in Books

    Jack Thomas Smith is a feature film director, writer, and producer. His new feature film "Infliction" is available now in the U.S. and Canada on DVD, VOD, and Digital HD by Virgil Films & Entertainment, which is the company that distributed "Supersize Me." Earlier this year, “Infliction” opened in select theaters. Additional screenings have been scheduled this summer and fall due to demand.

    His last film, "Disorder", which he wrote, produced, and directed, was released by Universal on DVD and Warner Brothers on VOD & PPV. It also screened at Cannes and the Raindance Film Festival in London.

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    William J. Hall "The World's Most Haunted House"

    in Paranormal

    What may be the most notorious and most terrifying poltergeist haunting of recent decades, the Bridgeport poltergeist was seen and heard by thousands of people on one unforgettable day in 1974. William J. Hall was one of the local youngsters who remembers vividly every detail.

    Hall grew up to become a magician and a well-known investigator of the paranormal and the unexplained, writing a syndicated column on those subjects for many years in Connecticut newspapers.

    Now Hall returns to his past to share never-before reported interviews of the first responders and other witnesses, and previously unrevealed documents and reports in a journalistic new book … The World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street. Yeap! you now can return to 1974 and feel the Lindley Street experience from the inside.

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    "Whole In One" Host: The Body Engineer, Keisher Glymph

    in Fitness

    Keisher Glymph, also known as The Body Engineer, is an Empowerment Speaker, Wellness Coach & Essential Oils Advocate with a passion to empower individuals towards living their most optimal, well, fit, and extraordinary lives. She is fire on stage and transformational in her coaching & training. Her events inspire and support one's journey in creating powerful personal connections, enhanced memorable experiences, and abundant, healthy lifestyles.  Keisher is co-founder of True Control Fitness, holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. 

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    Operation Make a Difference, Living Fully Within Your Purpose—Yahminah McIntosh

    in Spirituality

    One of the greatest gifts you'll receive is your life. Some of the most powerful tools you'll have are your attitude, perspective, resilience, perseverance, faith, humility, courage and wisdom. When you no longer allow fear to control you, step outside of The Box and stop living your life on "mute," you will experience one of the sweetest freedoms ever discovered by mankind. Your life is a gift and whether you choose to unwrap it, is your choice; how you live it will determine if you are truly living or just passing time existing. You are destined for greatness and the power to transform is within you.

    On Monday, Oct. 13, 12 noon PDT/3 pm EDT/8 pm UK, Purpose Talk Radio guest Yahminah McIntosh will share how she lives her greatness—in spite of what many call a debilitating disease—as an author, poet, motivational speaker, cause-athlete, playwright, talk show host, advocate, founder of PHAMLI Entertainment—a production company that focuses on inspirational and motivational plays, improv events, public service announcements and commercials—and president/CEO of ThinkBOXER, Inc.—a brand strategy, life coaching and life mapping firm designed to assist individuals find their purpose, stay in their lane and flow in their purpose.

    Each Monday at 12 noon PT/3 pm ET/8 pm UK, or archived, host Cindy Freeman and her guests bring insights and ideas to help you grow in your Soul path. Guests are from a variety of professions, experts on living their life with a purpose and want to share with listeners how they got there and might benefit from their experience. More information is at Purpose Talk Radio. Join the conversations on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

  • The African History Network Show with host Michael Imhotep

    in Culture

    Listen to The African History Network Show with host Michael Imhotep as we interview some of our top Scholars on African History/African-American History and current events, politics, entertainment, relationships, education, etc. as it pertains to African Americans Monday-Friday, 8pm-10pm EST at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow or www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com by phone, when we are LIVE at (914) 338-1375. Episodes are also archived on www.Itunes.com.


    If you want to learn more about African History and African-American History to counteract the negative images we see of ourselves on the TEL-LIE-VISION (TV), please visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.  We have information to Educate, Empower and Inspire people of African Descent throughout the Diaspora and around the world.  We have a wide selection of African History and African American History DVD Lectures including "HIDDEN COLORS 1-3" and lectures from Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show.

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    Medical Terminology Class 4

    in Education

    Welcome to Medical Terminology at SMB Tech School! In this class to be effective you will need your required text book with DVD's, internet access, land line or cell phone to listen in to pre recorded classes and writing materials. If have not received your syllabus and lesson plans for the class please contact the education office at 844.252.8481 ext 300.

    We will be learning the "Language of Medicine" and how health care professionals interact with one another using terms and verbiage that join them productively and professionally to care for patients.

    After each class students are required to send the Instructor the attendance flag word to gain full attendance credits. Thank you for being a valued part of the class room and we look forward to an excellent learning experience!

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    Budgets, law firm marketing and business development

    in Legal

    Episode 32 of Building Your Law Practice with Jim Thompson and Nick Augustine

    Budgets, law firm marketing and business development. Why are lawyers so bad at running their firms like successful businesses? One major flaw in the business of law is taking all the net proceeds as profit and zeroing out the year without building a marketing budget and reserve. Many say five percent of projected annual receipts should be allocated for annual advertising, marketing and publicity efforts.

    About this weekly show:

    Referrals are the lifeblood of any business and especially for lawyers, so why is it that lawyers are not getting the referrals they need to grow their practice? Listen and learn to tips you can use today!

    Brought to you in part by Members’ Choice Federal Credit Union in Denton, Texas on Unicorn Lake Boulevard. You may be eligible to join Members Choice if you live, work, worship or attend school in Denton or Argyle, Texas.

    About Jim and Nick:

    Jim Thompson is a retired lawyer who is well-known for helping attorneys get on track to earning more clients through simple cost-effective activities. Jim is the author of "Why Lawyers Fail To Get Referrals and What They Can Do About It"

    Nick Augustine helps lawyers share tips and stories about their practice areas by writing their blog content, managing social media and producing Internet radio podcasts.

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    "Taking The Limits OFF"

    in Christianity

    "Taking The Limits OFF"

    The former Co-Host of "Candidly Speaking" Have moved forward and continued with Vision of Spreading The Truth of Gods word through their Brand New Show "Taking The Limits OFF"


    Live from the Brand New "Taking The Limits OFF Studios"

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