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    Whiskey Detective and the Canon of Crimes

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    Live readings of my flash fiction collection The Whiskey Detective and Within Her Canon of Crimes. Join me as I discuss traits, tedencies and themes of the modern interpersonal saga and share with you special insights on two of my favorite cololection one prose one poetry. All are welcome and all opinions are treated as having the same weight and value as all the rest. "The beatings never stop. It is the great discourse inside the human mind. Pummeling after pummeling from every side, every year, every decade – from breath to death the beatings never stop. Not physical beatings per se (though plenty of those exist in many forms too) but the ones that matter."

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    Writing as a spiritual journey: Writing the Heartache

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    Writing is a beneficial practice and wonderful gift that can be used for healing, health and hope.  Join motivational speaker and workshop presenter, Alice J. Wisler, in this segnment of Writing the Heartache, Writing as a Spiritual Journey.  Alice will share ways to use your journal as a place of discover, lament and safety.  Draw near to a God who reaches out to His people when they go through the journeys of heartache.

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    Sizzlin'Summer Guest Chad Stone

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    Remember, today's show is at 12:00 noon, E.T., 6:00 p.m. Paris Time...
    Join me with today's guest...Chad Stone got divorced after 25 years of marriage and bravely entered the world of modern dating. He embraced his new single life and began to learn everything he could about dating, relationships, and finding love again. Mr. Stone interviewed single adults of both sexes to get insights about what works and what doesn’t work when searching for a romantic partner. He researched online dating, and he helped other single adults write effective online dating profiles. As part of his research, he attended dating events including “speed dating” evenings and dating mixers. His research and personal dating experience became the basis for his humorous memoir, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magnet.
    Chad is going to talk about his eperience in self-publishing a humorous memoir and promotion tips, tricks and strategies...

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    I'll read a few of my own works and my friend's. Have a question? Email me at spirithuntergirl@ymail.com!

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    Dr. Ande's Writers' Radio: Writing for TV

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    People think that writing for television and film is the same but on the contrary both the industries are vastly different. The main elements of the television industry are network, studios and production companies. Writers are basically hired by a studio to write for a particular network or channel. They even have the rights to sell the material elsewhere. This material is then used by the production companies to bring the script into action.
    On today's episode we'll be exploring how to make a living as a television writer.
    If you would like more information on screen writing or writing or broadcast visit our sponsors at www.cenotaphstudios.com.

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    F4F Ends With Four Foursomes (Final Part)

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    Now that F4F has not only marked its fourth anniversary of being on the air, but also entered its final month of broadcasting, we’ll be spending all of June celebrating that which made this program great.  Don’t worry, no self-congratulation here, of course I’m talking about the guests.  For each show in June, we’ll have on four (and occasionally five) guests who made at least one prior appearance to talk about what they’ve been up to since then.  Maybe they’ve continued to write fanfic for the same television show.  Maybe they’ve moved onto something new, and moved again.  Maybe it’s original fiction now.  Or maybe they’ve stopped writing altogether. We’ll also be returning to the show’s roots by hosting shows weekly instead of biweekly, so that’s sixteen former guests, each speaking for fifteen minutes at a time.  Tonight we only have three guests so far, as one dropped out, but we're hoping to find a replacement before then.  As of right now we begin with Sweetjamielee (who first appeared on F4F on 5/12/2011) at 10 PM EST, followed by BurningEden (8/6/09) at 10:15, and Dhamphir (2/25/10) at 10:45 PM.  Tune in, because really, someone just might be talking about whatever thing you love best. And because after tonight, you might not have another chance.

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    Episode 27: Stage and Politics

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    Host Walter Beck welcomes as his guest up and coming actress Heather Bartram on the show to talk about her recent work in film, stage, and stand-up comedy.
    He also breaches the forbidden topic of politics and let's Heather run loose.

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    Interview with author Jimmy Pudge

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    Jimmy Pudge is one of those authors who just explodes on the scene. From his first release: Yo' Ass Is Grass: Tales From A Redneck Gangsta, to his soon to be released novella, Kitty's Revenge, Jimmy has made quite an impression on the world of speculative fiction. His voice is reminiscent of Frank Miller and Quentin Tarantino, all wrapped up in a modern Mark Twain blanket.
    Join us this Friday, June 7th for a very candid interview. We'll be discussing his work in depth. Work that pulls the reader into very believable characters as they follow their heartrending journeys through eerily familiar worlds.

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    The Call to Adventure

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    Weekly travel tips for writers on the writers journey from host, Julia Widdop. We'll talk about the steps of the hero's journey, about using archetypes to describe characters, about the importance of using archetypes in your writing.

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    I schedule a show now

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    I schedule a show nowI schedule a show nowI schedule a show nowI schedule a show now