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Bring Out Your Best is a radio talk show where callers get complimentary coaching from internationally recognized speakers and human development experts, Drs. Bob & Judith Wright. Bob and Judith created the Wright Foundation for Transformational Leadership, having trained participants from organizations such as Microsoft, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, and Neiman Marcus. To be a guest on the show, email George at george@wrightliving.com

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Relationships are all about intimacy, touch, and responding to your partner. Some of us may feel overwhelmed by a partner's constant need for physical affection, while others of us crave it. Here's how to make sure you and your partner find an equilibrium when it comes to touch—from the bedroom to handholding to PDA—getting on the same page ensures that you are getting the love you need and the touch and physical affection that you crave.
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Birthdays, holidays and other occasions can come at inopportune times when you are dating. Maybe you started dating a few weeks before Christmas…or Valentine's Day. (Yikes!) Maybe you aren't sure if it's too soon to invite your new... more

Are you going for satisfaction in your relationship? Join Dr. Judith and Dr. Bob Wright as they offer excellent couples coaching to callers yearning to grow and engage in deeper connections. Listeners today will be getting: Two FREE... more

Join us today as Sasha Sekinger interviews Barbara Burgess, about how to get ahead by being a bitch. Barbara Burgess is COO and CVRO (Chief Vision Realization Office) for Wright and the Wright Foundation for the Realization of... more

Everyone has experienced the dreaded ?fix up? at some point. Why do people in relationships feel the need to play matchmaker for their single friends? Is it possible to find love on a blind date? How to accept, politely (but firmly) decline,... more

We all have them. What workplace irritants really get under your skin? Is it gum chewers? Whistling coworkers? Your boss' perfume? When does an irritating behavior cross the line from just annoying to dangerous, harassment or just... more

Just like a child acting out for attention, some of us start conflict to get the attention of our partner. We have all known the couple that constantly argues (despite still obviously loving one another deeply)…maybe you ARE one of... more

Predicting outcomes can be difficult, and sometimes the best employee, or job on paper can turn into your own personal nightmare. What do you do when you realize you've made a mistake either in hiring, or in your choice of career? How... more

In today's dating world there's an all new set of tools and yes, there's an app for that—from Tinder to Happen, to Tindog (really—it's a dating app for pet owners) it seems that there's plenty of ways to meet, hook up, or find... more

Here's how to keep the motivation and momentum going, and how to avoid ruminating on devising the ?perfect plan.? Join Wright for the ?Bring Out Your Best? show on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12:00PM CST. To learn more... more