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Thats right getting back to basic's ,Mad Matt is ready to return and rumble with UGA Mike in his corner .Just Texas Indy Wrestling Talk with some Mainstream thrown in for fun.

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ACW Injected Hosted by UGA Mike , this week Hype Audio with Shawn Vexx,Jr. Garza,Sub-Mission Squad and more .Plus we breakdown the card and try to get the Smurf Nation united for their Huge Texas Flag Match. The Godfather of... more

Lethal Injection Wrestling and Sports. Oh yes we talk Anarchy Championship Wrestling, World of Wrestling Texas, TNA,WWE and all the latest in wrestling .Plus we hit sports hard.NBA Championship, Where will Lebron end up?... more

Wrestling fans just sitting around shooting the sh*t and just talking about what ever comes up or where the beer takes us. Thanks to the Best Host ever "Aj Maggot" and Worst Co-Host ever "Uga Mike" letting the beer flow and the... more

We begin to take over the asylum, inmate UGA Mike sits down and talks about the new show ,Russo vs Cornette, and so much more .Plus a small preview of "Lethal Injection 5 vs 5 music show" with co-host Angelina .We also breakdown... more

The Warden UGA Mike is ready to release the convicts on the World of Wrestling . Coming April 2010. UGA Mike fresh from the hospital ready to start from scratch and with no apologies or I’m Sorry. Wrestling Radio Award People’s Choice... more
Texas Wrestling Live

Sad News from the Indy World of Houston Texas

  • by Texas Wrestling Live
Stan called me this morning , told me he had some sad news ,Tony Vega from Double Trouble , they wrestle everywhere in the US , his wife had their third child about seven days ago , the wife got strep infection in the blood stream , they... more

Where do we go , we figured we miss the live Wrestling Randomness show every other Saturday so we would put something on to get us by till their next show. Wrestling ,Sports and everything in between .Plus we will get you ready for the... more

WWE,TNA,ROH,Dragongate and Indy Wrestling talk.Hosted by UGA Mike and Mad Matt. 2009 Wrestling Radio Award Nominee for "Best Wrestling Podcast" . Part of the Indy Warz Wrestling Network. www.indywarztv.com ,... more
Texas Wrestling Live

TPWS/Wrestlings News and the boys got a hold of the board and let loose , music mix of GnR,Metallica

  • by Texas Wrestling Live
We have a web site , it's free , it's cheap and it's here. http://www.wix.com/texaswrestlingshow/tpws Texas Pro Wrestling Show/TPWS Wrestling News ready to roll . Thursday Night 8pm Blog Talk Radio , Live join... more

WWE,TNA,ROH,Dragongate and Indy Wrestling talk.Hosted by UGA Mike and Mad Matt. We will breakdown TNA Genesis and the entrance of Ken Anderson.Where is the six-sides of steel? What makes TNA stand out? 2009... more
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