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WPR Rebuttal provides alternative viewpoints to stories covered by Wisconsin Public Radio. WPR Rebuttal is not owned or endorsed by Wisconsin Public Radio.

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[NOTE: This early-early-morning episode arose because this summer, SenatorJPO won't be able to podcast during normal hours; hence, the "night owl" hours.] After a more-than-6-month jobless stint, SenatorJPO finally gets his... more

Writing from Manhattan on May 23, 2018, U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald determined U.S. President Donald Trump must keep his Tweets viewable to all Twitter users around the world, by virtue of the world's... more

Well-known for hosting the "WPR Rebuttal" podcast, SenatorJPO winds-himself-up with socially-scathing social-media comments in the public sphere and winds-himself-down with iconoclastic imagery that he assembles in... more

Although alliteration makes it tempting to type "loud-mouthed Lena Taylor gets unchained," the Wisconsin Senator actually makes valid points about Wells Fargo bank tellers and about absentee legislative aides. Succintly, Senator Taylor's... more

Another of SenatorJPO's job interviews lands on a Thursday -- and having just finished an interview in the same city on Monday, there's no sense in trying to fit-in a rushed episode of "WPR Rebuttal" this week. SenatorJPO explains our... more

WPR Rebuttal browsed Quora and found prominent opinions about which college degrees graduates regret getting. 57 upvotes over 2 days, for this third-most popular answer from Joe Ohler, Jr:... more

Because our original episode on Wrestlemania 34 ended-up exclusively about the match-ups among talent, this episode fills-you-in on the financials. WWE's financial performance typically peaks within a few days after Wrestlemania, and... more

WWE has been in the news again, due to Daniel Bryan being medically cleared in-time to compete at Wrestlemania 34, financially its biggest Pay-Per-View (PPV) event of the year. WWE has even placed Mr. Bryan as the frontispiece of its... more

Today's guest satisfies our curiosity about the following subjects: 1) What inspired Ohler to start a highly-successful write-in campaign months after the ballot-nomination period had already passed? 2) How does Ohler's vision for... more

Due an important job interview -- as if there's such a thing as an "unimportant job interview" -- SenatorJPO is calling-off tomorrow's episode. It's a bona fide podcast preemption, because WPR Rebuttal is citizen-run, un-beholden to anyone's... more