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Your Conversation with God: When you want to know the deepest part of your soul, there are ways to master your own Source connection. When you are part of an eternal process, it is the nature of eternity itself that must be employed, to... more

Phyllis LaForest will be joining us to share her story, and valuable insights as we begin 2015 with new awareness. Born and raised in rural Nova Scotia . Growing up, Phyllis was always fascinated with the mystical side of life. She saw her... more

Tom Paladino is an engineer and researcher who has been studying Scalar Energy for over 25 years. He has invented an instrument to harness powerful Scalar Energy that is capable of disassembling pathogens in your body such as... more

The nature of the being that is the creator of all being is able to communicate to the human mind through a Godscribe. This human can interpret the vibrational signature of the being we call God, (a.k.a. Source Energy, The Force, Force of... more

Lewis Mabee is a professional clairvoyant, medium, healer, Intuitive and Wellness coach. He works with his spirit guides and he reads your aura and your energy to get the messages to you from the Universe. Lewis has been able to... more

The ancient Egyptians were very gifted energy workers, within the body and other realms and dimensions. The ancients combined astronomy with the energies of the earth utilizing the frequencies in sacred geometry and spiritual healing.... more

SONDRA SNEED is a science and technology writer for industry, and a former atheist with a secret. All the years she's spent interviewing scientists and engineers, translating their high-minded knowledge for lay persons, she has... more

Patti Saruna joins us from the Better Health Store at Body & Mind Natural Health to discuss how to combat stress during the holiday season. Learn about: Essential Oils and how diffusing them in your home or business can reduce tension,... more

Join the fun as you discover about dowsing, how to dowse and why we all need this skill for our physical, emotional and spiritual developement. Maggie and Nigel Percey together run Discovering and Sixth Sense,... more

Jen Ward, LMT,is a Reiki Master. She is an intuitive, a gifted healer and an innovator of healing practices. She is at the leading edge of energy work; providing a loving segue for her techniques to clients, enabling them to cross... more