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Welcome to the broadcast site for "The Worst Show on the Web." We invite you to join us LIVE each Monday evening at 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern for an hour of mindless banter and witty drivel that you won't find anywhere else! If our most recent show doesn't make you want to take a sledgehammer to your computer, then you can listen to our previous shows by clicking on the appropriate episode. If that still doesn't kill your will to live, then just go to our website ( www.worstshowontheweb.com ) or our Facebook Page ( www.facebook.com/TheWorstShowontheweb ) where you can sort through the various and sundry blog entries by our hosts and correspondents. You'll find more mindless blatherings on any and every subject - from film and TV to food and technology. If you think our show is bad... keep listening, it only gets worse!

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Tonight's guest has made appearances on over fifty televison programs and so many movies we just stopped counting them. Well, IMDB has him at 80+ credits. You might have recently seen Bob Clendenin as Dr. Tom Gazelian on... more

This week on the Worst Show on the Web we have no guest. Nobody to ask things of, nobody to talk to, nobody for Kurtis to make connections with, then talk about himself. Soooo, what do we do when we have something like this... more

This is a rerun of a show first aired on August 26th of last year. The shows that Brandon and Jason talked about are currently running on Broadway. "All the Way" with Bryan Cranston has been getting smashing reviews and "A Raisin in... more

Yes, we know it feels like the Academy Awards telecast just finished 5 minutes ago, and you've probably spent the day reading the reactions to last night's bloated extravaganza, but we here at the Worst Show on the Web can't pass up... more

This week we will be joined by members of the cast of "Greek Cred," a new comedy series OF the comic fans, BY the comic fans, FOR the comic fans (which we hope shall not perish from the earth.) "Geek Cred" is a scripted series set... more

Is this a series now? Our guest this week is yet another multifaceted writer/producer/director, but for a slight change of pace this guy makes/directs giant monsters! Jack Perez is a director who seems to be specializing in horror... more

Our guest this week is Writer/Producer/Director James O'Brien, an independent filmmaker who often finds himself wearing all three hats at once. James' production company, 3rd Partner Pictures, has multiple projects in the pipeline... more

This week we will be joined by veteran film and television actress Dee Wallace. Known by many as "the mom from E.T." or as "the mom from Cujo" or as "the mom from TV's Sons and Daughters", Dee has actually had an... more