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World Wide Whitehead

World Wide Whitehead


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World Wide Whitehead is a popular Erepublik radio show hosted by the #1 radio guru for the MMO game eRepublik. Josh Whitehead is a critically acclaimed radio host for the diverse topics and building an Emotional connection with all his listeners. His awesome Side Kick, Jon Malcom, is his longest running Co-Host that brings the talent to the show. With a strong voice and mind, he does it all in ones take or less. No matter who you are, you’re more then welcome to call in and chime for what you want to say. That is what makes the show popular and powerful among eRepublik players The call in number is( 347)-324-3528. While the show is on and off the air; you can visit our IRC channel #WWW (Rizon Network),visit us on our Internet T.V and read the radio show newspaper so you don’t have to shuffle around Erepublik for the news, we're five steps ahead of you. but with your feedback, the show can improve effectively. While giving us feedback, we also provide competitive prices to place an ad into WWW radio.

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Welcome to a brand new day, Brand new year, and a brand new ppportunity to give eRepublik radio an all new meaning of ?awesome? and ?freedom?. My name, of course, is Dirty Scarlet Silverbeard. Yes, I run many pages... more

Back when the first release of V2 came about, I raged about how sickening I was about the folks who kept complaining and still played the gaming. It was tedious work to confront with the older players who played the ?well, I want to send... more

I have been criticized in the past for judging all shorts Country Presidents for ‘flawless acts' horrible leadership and whatever witty thing we could think of. Thing is, I enjoy pointing out the good and the bad. I, myself and... more

This is episode is dedicated to a great guy, freind, mentor, and also known as the guy who got Ajay bruno banned from the game. PLease join us for two hours of a sad moment

Im back....again.....or some of you keep saying ?finally? For some time now, I've been in the eRepublik media business and sure luck in RL too! I know what it means to spend hours on end building and creating such a big project and no... more

Arrrrrr maties, So its Friday, and you know what I do on Fridays?, going outside and make freinds Make it the best Friday you ever wanted. A critically acclaimed show in eRep and Blog Talk Radio Video Games Category has made its... more

Its Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. howdy do, its time for another show down of awesome. Not only we do we have a good show for you for the third time in a row but a new CO-Host. You might have heard of him recently on... more

Join me and my vacant CO-Host spot for the third show of the season. Oh my my, i cant wait for Chrismas, wonder how much candy Im getting.

Warning, this is only a test, I got new internet this past monday and a lot of folks were complaining you could'nt hear me. so, Im usung Skype. Ses you on friday

a show that happened out of nowhere sorry for short notice
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