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The World Transformed

The World Transformed


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A convergence of emerging technologies and emerging possibilities is at the heart of this, the greatest period of transformation in human history. Our world is changing in ways that are hard to predict...sometimes even hard to imagine. The World Transformed is your guide to an astounding future that lies ahead -- and that will be here sooner than you think!

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Phil and Stephen discuss mysteries both cosmic and small-scale. The Greatest Cosmic Puzzle: Astronomers Find Stars That Appear Older Than The Universe The oldest stars we've found in the Universe are nearly pristine, where almost... more

What's next for humanity and artificial intelligence? Will we be the AI, and effective cogs in a machine? Will we be the owners of the intelligence -- which won't exactly be us? Or will we become something far different? What would... more

Phil and Stephen discuss the near, not-so-near, and distant future of the smartphone The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy Related: No beer goggles required: Brewer turns to AR... more

Phil and Stephen present a full Geek Out! show discussing the current state of big space and superhero movie franchises. What should we see from upcoming Star Wars, Star Trek, superhero and other geeky film series? Star Trek -- Time... more

10 years ago Twitter was barely a thing used by a very small group of geeks. Today it's a cornerstone of how our society communicates. (The President's tweets alone...) Phil and Stephen discuss early-stage technologies that may... more

Phil and Stephen discuss the chances that super-smart AI might be upon us and the risks we face even if it isn't. Plus what do we do about the fact that when it comes to AI we often just don't get it? The Myth of Superhuman AI From Kevin... more

Phil and Stephen discuss progress in anti-aging treatments and the role that regulations play in making treatments available. Can Science Reverse Aging? Jose Cordeiro: In 30 years, I will be younger than today Telomere... more

Phil and Stephen discuss the eclipse, the top scientific discoveries of the year, a new spacesuit from SpaceX, and the airplane that may take us anywhere we want to go...in just four hours. The 10 Most Significant Scientific Discoveries Of... more

Phil and Stephen work through three lists of positive developments and the forces that are driving them. 15 Really Good Things That Are Happening in The World Right Now New Tech Is Giving Humanity Many Potential Paths to Immortality... more
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