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The World Transformed

The World Transformed


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A convergence of emerging technologies and emerging possibilities is at the heart of this, the greatest period of transformation in human history. Our world is changing in ways that are hard to predict...sometimes even hard to imagine. FastForward Radio is your guide to an astounding future that lies ahead -- and that will be here sooner than you think!

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Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon delve into some interesting recent space news. Is there a ninth planet out there beyond Neptune? And even if not, what can we expect to discover out there in the deepest reaches of the solar... more

Writing for the New York Times, Eduardo Porter claims that America's Best Days May Be Behind It. Citing Robert J. Gordon, author of The Rise and Fall of American Growth, Porter makes the following claims: Innovation will trundle... more

World Transformed favorite PJ Manney joins hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon to discuss the life and legacy of musician / artist / polymath David Bowie. Beyond the world of the arts, how did he help to shape the future? Plus PJ talks... more

Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon welcome philosopher and artificial intelligence reseracher Andrés Gómez Emilsson to discuss the Hedonistic Imperative and Andres' recent piece on Solving the World's... more

Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon discuss a recent article in the Atlantic claiming that 2015 was The Best Year in History for the Average Human Being. A few highlights: In the US, 600,000 fewer than violent crimes in 2014 in... more

Sure, a lot of shows are doing their Year in Review episodes this week, but how many are willing to take on NEXT year in review? Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon do exactly that, providing not predictions, but scenarios for... more

Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon talk about the lasting impact of Star Wars on popular culture. How did a series of space fantasy movies change everything? Topics: A long time ago or a long time from now? What makes... more

R. Buckminster Fuller famously predicted that technological advancement will allow us to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing." So how is that working out for us? Are we doing more... more

We've got all the cool stuff you need -- right here! For example, Lockheed is moving ahead with its airship. Jeff Bezos has introduced a fully reusable rocket And it works! Does this mean that Blue Origin is pulling ahead of... more
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