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Join us weekly to be motivated, entertained and inspired by some of the world's top positive thinkers. Founded in 1995, our organization includes over 500 notable Positive Thinkers from all walks of life, including the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (Best-selling author of The Power of Positive Thinking), Zig Ziglar, Chuck Norris, Jim Palmer (Hall of Fame baseball pitcher), and Florida Senator Marcio Rubio, just to name a few. Our purpose is to recognize and honor Positive Thinkers who overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties to make a positive contribution to the world and who are willing to help others do the same.

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Rocco Moon is the son of astounding famous parents by the name of Nugent, and for his age it is a real pleasure to listen to him. So we decided that since so many listened to him the first go around on this show you would be happy to hear... more

Linda Evans Shepherd has empowered thousands across North America and Europe to release their burdons to God and walk the walk with him.

Rocco Moon Nugent has lots to offer budding artists. Listen to his poignant story of a medical scare and opportunity to write a book.

Vic Conant is the Chairman and CEO of Nightingale-Conant Corp, the premier publisher of audio personal development programs in the world. Vic had the great fortune of growing up surrounded by the works of the modern legends of the... more

Meditation is also for stress relief, but it goes far beyond that...Listen as world renowned healer, intuitive, master teacher Mark Earlix gives profound tips to a healthier life. The mind is a goal seeking mechanism, much like a heat seeking... more

Listen in as PR and marketing guru Pam Lontos, and award winning musician Troy Horne reveal the real secret to changing your life around to happiness and peace of mind. World Positve Thinkers Club Mr. Positive, A.K.A. Ken Bossone... more

: Build Resilience and Overcome Challenges Adversity, personal injury, grief and loss can make you feel as though you have lost touch with yourself, but the truth is that adversity introduces us to our real selves. When you survive... more

How do you keep a Positive mindset and deal with changes? Listen to expert and Athletic Hall of Fame member and author Jenny Olding give some sagacious advice. Jenny has a profound way of dealing with adversity. Jenny is also... more

Our radio show guest, Marilyn Raphael has been a full trance medium for more than forty years and has written two books. 'Angelic force & A stroll in heaven.' She has been on the popular TV show, 'The Other Side' and her clients include... more

Kim Wheeler has tons of experience in the business world including Real estate and magazine publishing. Kim was also a sales director for Mary Kay
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