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Fran Lewis and the World of Ink would like to welcome Tom Saywer the head writer of Murder She Wrote to talk about his career, working on the show and his latest five star release: Cross Purposes where we meet Private Investigator Barney Moon and a cast of characters you just won't forget. Manhattan Private Investigator Barney Moon can hack, charm or con his way into or out of damned-near anything. Barney is driven - to solve cases, nail bad guys, and to anyplace not reachable via the NY Subway. Barney never learned to drive. And, like most born/bred New Yorkers, he regards pretty much anywhere else as "Out-of-Town."But there is one place for which he has a particular, lifelong aversion: Los Angeles, California (which he thinks of as an Alien Planet). And - guess where he finds himself stranded? In CROSS PURPOSES, a case takes the reluctant Barney and his driver, Al Drobowsky to Los Angeles to obtain a single fingerprint. Things quickly get complicated. That night, of what by then seems sure to be only two in Tinseltown, Al learns he must immediately return to Brooklyn. Steve Shukis: POISONED: Arsenic is a metallic element that forms a number of poisonous compounds. Arsenic is found in nature. It can be found in compounds with oxygen, chorine and sulfur. These types of compounds are called inorganic arsenic compounds. When arsenic is in plants and animals it combines with carbon and hydrogen. This is noted as organic arsenic and is usually not as harmful as inorganic. The scary part is that most of these compounds have no smell or special taste. Some are used to preserve wood and others are used to make insecticides and weed killers. Imagine learning that the Food and Drug Administration released early results of an investigation of arsenic levels in rice.Herman Billik was said to be a Bohemian fortuneteller and quite familiar with arsenic and arsenic poisoning. Listen to the evidence: Innocent or guilty
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