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This platform engages the ideas that define, influence and haunt humanity. Join the "Life, Education, Religion & the Modern World" show on Sundays, 8:30 pm-9:30 pm EST. Coming soon...The American Dream Show--TBA.

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On this show, Kasaun Henry interviews Hip Hop scholar V Azhar Ali. Azhar discusses the religious and spiritual effects of Hip Hop on American youth. He also explains why and how Hop Hip lost its way, becoming associated with... more

Are you ready to live a healthy and happy life? On tonight's show (Jan 18, 2015/8:30PM EST) host Kasaun Henry will interview Dr. Alicia Chung on healthy lifestyles. Tune in to learn what it really means to be healthy. Dr. Chung will... more

Tonight we celebrate the return of the Religion and the Modern World show. Also, in reflecting on 2014, host Kasaun E. Henry discusses where do we, "human civilization," go from here. Be sure to tune in online or call in (646-478-0309), at... more

Tonight host Kasaun E. Henry asks the world: Who is responsible for dealing with the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian school girls last month? Is this merely a domestic quarrel that Nigeria ought to resolve alone? Should this involve other... more

Tonight host Kasaun E. Henry discusses the decline of violence. Empirical data from independent and reputable sources - such as the Human Security Report, Winning the War on War by Joshua Goldstein, The Better Angels of Our... more

Tonight host Kasaun E. Henry asks the world: What is the significance of education in the twenty-first century? Join the discusion and share your thoughts.

Tonight host Kasaun E. Henry poses an important question for us to think about: What makes a great society? What are your thoughts on this perennial question? Do you even think a great society is achievable? Tune in and share your insights.

Tonight host Kasaun E. Henry will review and discuss The Power of Mindful Learning, by Ellen J. Langer, Ph.D. Langer is a professor of Psychology at Harvard University. Her book offers novel ways to think about the learning... more

Tonight, host Kasaun E. Henry is interviewing Reverend Nafisa Sharriff and Desiree Gordon, regarding the "Transforming the Temple: The Bliss Now!" Health Expo. Join Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, in partnership... more

On tonight's show, host Kasaun E. Henry evaluates what he refers to as Josef Pieper's ?call to wisdom.? Josef Pieper (1904–1997), a German Catholic Philosopher, thought that people have become slaves to jobs and careers and... more