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‘Tis the season of candied yams and candy canes, mistletoe and mincemeat pie, red ribbons and reindeer games. So brace yourself for festivities galore—particularly if you’re the one in charge of the entertainment. Because throwing a memorable holiday bash takes careful planning and a stockingful of creativity. Beginning November 6, World Kitchen is here to help with Holiday Entertaining Radio, a two-month-long series featuring expert advice from master chefs, celebrity party planners and even a multi-platinum-selling jazz vocalist. They cover everything from roasting the perfect turkey and baking vegan pies to designing edible centerpieces and decking the halls on a tight budget. World Kitchen: All the right ingredients, this holiday season.

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When it comes to the spookiest holiday of the season, Chef Jill Houk tells it like it is. ?Halloween strikes fear in the hearts of most parents, because they realize the kids are going to be walking in with two metric tons of candy,? she tells The... more

Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway has a secret weapon when it comes to holiday entertaining—her mommy! Beverly Bell, whose daughter played Denzel Washington's wife in Crimson Tide, and appeared opposite Angela Bassett in... more

Whoever said sodium chloride wasn't the secret to a specatular holiday bird never traded culinary tips with Christine Kish. ?The perfect turkey, in my estimation, can only be achieved by taking the time to brine your turkey in a... more

Host Bridget Childress and her Soaring Above It All sidekick Renee Morrison boast a host of spooky, fun and classic—yet always easy—treats for your Halloween bash. ?My favorite is carmel apples,? says Bridget. ?Take five... more

Marnie Swedberg is on a mission to make this Thanksgiving and Christmas a joy for those who do the lion's share of the work. ?For women, a lot of the holiday responsibilities fall on our plates to organize and make sure all of this is... more

?A lot of people have economic stress and are thinking they can't do anything this holiday season,? says Hannah ?The Five Minute Mom? Keeley. ?I tell them to drop the doom and gloom and get a little creative. Take, for example, the... more

Nutritionist Lauren Harris-Pincus doesn't want to put the kibosh on your Turkey Day feast. She just wants to make sure you don't keel over after consuming it. ?Thanksgiving is a day of indulgence and that's OK. So you don't have to forego... more

When it comes to laying out a traditional Thanksgiving spread, Jean Ann Duckworth believes in tough love to get it done. ?When planning your menu, decide early on what you can and can't do. If someone asks, ‘Are you... more

Laura McIntosh wants to help keep meal-planning insanity to a minimum this holiday season. ?If you can take the time to organize, it won't be so hectic. I have a really big family. We've done up to 35 people for dinner—with two... more

You might call Chef Steve Mendoza the Dear Abby of holiday cuisine. In this Thanksgiving special, he answers a string of listener questions on (what else?) turkey cooking. ?Erin wants to know, ‘How can I tell if my bird or my... more