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Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to cut loose with your closest friends and family members, right? Not so fast, say experts ranging from gift-bag suppliers to band leaders to babysitters. First you’ve got to select the menu and music. But that’s just the beginning of countless details to be nailed down before cutting the cake—and the rug. In this series sponsored by World Kitchen, we delve into the ABCs of wedding planning, fashion and receptions throughout the months of March and April. So be sure to tune in every day. And don't forget to share your favorite shows with fellow brides-to-be (and their beaus). World Kitchen: All the right ingredients.

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Exotic ice cream is fast becoming a favorite at wedding receptions. And there's no one better to expound on this trend than Natasha Case of Coolhaus. ?Our ice creams are all-natural, they don't use any artificial ingredients or preservatives,... more

What better way to immortalize your wedding day than by transforming your bouquet into a painting? Artist Reenie Rose explains that process. ?I try to go to the florist the day before the wedding. Usually the boquet is done by then,?... more

Never scoff at a wedding band. For among those musicians may be cats who've played with some of the biggest acts of all time. That's the message from The Wedding 101 Show host David Rothstein, whose day job is conducting his own... more

While wedding receptions are typically held at a different location than the ceremony, don't make the mistake of having too big of a gap between venues. ?A wedding I planned a few years ago, the ceremony was in Kensington, Maryland,... more

Is there a difference between East Coast and West Coast wedding receptions? For sure, says photographer Barnaby Draper. ?I was shocked when I started shooting California weddings. Because New York City weddings—I've... more

If you're searching for the perfect wedding-reception dessert, forget sophistication and think like a five-year-old. That's the message from Liz O'Brien of Camerio's Bakery, who has catered hundreds of nuptials. ?What is really trending and... more

?As photographers, we get up close and personal with your flowers, so it's really important that they're the best quality they can possibly be,? says Savvy Biz Talk host Toni Nelson. ?I'll never forget one time I was shooting a wedding and we... more

What's a couple to do when the groom's best buddy—who's atop his invite list—is among the bride's least favorite people? ?That tends to come up a lot, often it's an old college friend and she knows it's bad news when he gets... more

When it comes to booking limousines for your wedding reception, begs Confetti Radio host Debbie Quain, ?Please, please think outside the box. Every wedding doesn't have to be a stretch limo. There are so many other options out there.... more

Justin Prahar of Sounds 2 Go knows how to get a wedding reception started: by keeping his mouth shut. ?You have that table out front that allows people to look through your song list and write down what they want to request,? The Wedding... more