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Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to cut loose with your closest friends and family members, right? Not so fast, say experts ranging from gift-bag suppliers to band leaders to babysitters. First you’ve got to select the menu and music. But that’s just the beginning of countless details to be nailed down before cutting the cake—and the rug. In this series sponsored by World Kitchen, we delve into the ABCs of wedding planning, fashion and receptions throughout the months of March and April. So be sure to tune in every day. And don't forget to share your favorite shows with fellow brides-to-be (and their beaus). World Kitchen: All the right ingredients.

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What's au courant in terms of tykes attending the reception? Plenty, notes Debbie Quain—though not all of it necessarily good. ?Usually, when you have kids at a wedding, you want to create a menu for them that's kid-friendly, like... more

Serving your reception meal buffet-style has its pros and cons, notes Confetti Radio host Debbie Quain: ?The upside is that guests get to mingle at the buffet tables, and sample a variety of dishes to boot. The downside is that long lines... more

If a Good Humor-like ice-cream truck is the last thing you'd expect to see at a wedding reception—particularly one toting wine-flavored treats—you're in for a big surprise. ?We drive up with the old-school... more

Most anyone planning a wedding reception is sure to have alcoholic beverages on hand. But what quantity? ?For people getting married closer out of college years, you tend to see more drinking, as opposed to people getting married later... more

How would you feel about dining with Madame Butterfly at your next wedding reception? Or better yet, Petter Rabbit? If ace planner Krista Njapa has any say in the matter, those characters could in fact be staring you in the face.... more

Sorting through the vast array of DJs who tout themselves as perfect for your wedding party can make your head, ah, spin. So you'd be wise to heed the advice of a pro like Curt Zimmerman. ?No two weddings are the same. When we do... more

Angela Chester is thinking, ah, post-event. ?What if I ordered my invitations and my reception cards and all of that, but I forgot to order my thank-you notes. Can I get the thank-you notes after the fact?? the I Do Radio host asks Denise... more

Just listening to Cindy McClure describe her latest libation is enough to make us tipsy. ?It's a birch martini we created for a rustic wedding reception,? the CEO of Dress the Drink tells Black Bag Productions host Kim Moss. ?It's a white... more

As anyone who's attended a wedding reception in recent years can attest, photo booths are the hot feature. But what forces precipitated this trend? ?Weddings are a special day and capturing every moment is so important. Hiring the best... more

Brett deMarrais reveals what led him to found WedIt, a service that takes the videographer out of the picture while delivering professionally edited wedding videos for under $500. ?I always had a love for film and movies so I started... more