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The World Business Academy is a non-profit business think tank and network of business and thought leaders founded in 1986 with the mission to inspire and help business assume responsibility for the whole of society. Our monthly show focuses on the state of the political economy including trends we see emerging in markets and how our listeners can prepare for them.

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The world appears to be in total flux, almost unrecognizable from one day to the next. In this month's show we cover the massive choice being laid bare before the people of the United States and the world: do we continue making progress... more

With the atrocious crisis in Venezuela, the threat of a British Exit from the European Union, and the huge challenge of cooling the entire planet, how will humanity fare this year and beyond? The news actually looks good for the US... more

The World Business Academy is attempting something different—giving our listeners unbiased, expert economic analysis without strings attached. Everyone deserves the financial advice for which big companies pay millions. In this... more

At the top of the show we discuss the positive outlook for the US economy, including rising wages, potential infrastructure funding, and economic anxiety caused by politics. We also discuss the turbulence in Europe caused by a... more

The global economic outlook is mixed with a strong outlook for the US, stronger than many are predicting in China, and a continuing slide in the price of oil. While the US continues to add jobs and is on pace to not only avoid a recession but... more

We're in the middle of an election cycle that will decide the future of the country and perhaps the world, especially in light of the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. In February's show we take time to reflect on our... more

2016 is already shaping up to be an amazing year. China's spectacular stock market crash is not the global disaster so many are making it out to be. Wall Street is pumping up fears in order to make a heafty profit on the... more

As 2015 wraps up, 2016 appears to be a very promising year. Congress is back from hibernation, actually passing spending bills that move the US out of austerity and into the future; the Federal Reserve sees the economy improving and is... more

What is the proper role of business? Is growth good? Our November radio show takes a different approach with a wide-ranging and freeform conversation on the wild current events of the day, the ongoing presidential race, progress in the... more

In the international section of October's show we discuss the ongoing role of China in the global economy, the latest growth projections from the IMF, and the problems with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade deal that is... more