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Want to change your world? Consider changing your perspective. My name is Elizabeth Alraune, and I am your host. This show's purpose to offer you perspectives that you may never have considered. Take the perspectives, or leave them. I find that cherry picking the things that work for me is the best way to go. Perhaps it is for you, as well. I hope you enjoy the fruits of World of Perspective Radio. Feel free to write me with questions you'd like addressed, questions for the shows, or just to say "hey."! Recent shows feature the music of Wehrkamp Fisher in the intro.

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THIS IS A REPLAY OF SHOW ORIGINALLY AIRED 3-26-09. Recording artist Marcome ( was my guest to discuss the many colors and influences of this palate we call life, and how our life experiences have much to... more

Are you absolutely thrilled about your life? Are you living the life of your dreams? Whether the answer is yes or no, you will undoubtedly will appreciate hearing Patrick Mathieu ( discussing how you can absolutely... more

Christian M. Archer ( gives his perspective on life choices and being true to one's self. Are you creating your own version of happiness or are you following the crowd? Christian highlights five aspects of forging a... more

Numbers are everywhere: 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day, our home address, our phone number, our social security number, all of these numbers have a meaning that is significant got us in some way. Even our letters have... more

Is the way it has been, the way it will always be? My guest Tony Vear would say that within every situation, within every moment, within every person, love is present, waiting to be acknowledged. His perspective has the potential to leave... more

Have you ever wondered…or felt… there was more to you – or more to life – but weren't sure how to access it? If so, you'll want to listen and participate in this exploration. Join me and Diana Lees, Life Coach, Speaker, and Heart Virtues... more

Here is a chance to ask questions about hypnosis. Elizabeth Alraune, the host of World of Perspective Radio, is a Certified Hypnotist who has worked as a hypnotist, intuitive, and healer. Since 2001, she has had over 10,000... more

Have you ever noticed that powerful feeling you get when you are clear about your purpose? And yet, doesn't it seem all too easy to get lost in the choices and opportunities all around, feeling like your life's compass needle is spinning? Do... more

Mark Davidson (, Internet Humorist and Online Promoter, will be visiting ( discuss building relationships online. He is part of the Twitter Top 100 Elite. Here's a chance to... more

Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman ( be discussing his perspectives on how you can help yourself navigate the influx of media and consumerism in your life. Overwhelmed by thousands of media messages every single day, we... more
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