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Working The Web To Win's BTR show is dedicated to helping businesses understand and maximize Internet marketing. We teach you everything you need to know about content and search marketing one bite at a time. We even throw in a smattering of fun and weird Internet happenings just to make it entertaining. Tune in each week and learn something new about Internet marketing, just one bite at a time.

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It is a relatively rare occasion when a giant company like Microsoft buys one of the top 10 social media giants Like LinkedIn. This kind of purchase could usher in major changes in the dynamics of social media as well as the dynamics of... more

The Internet is an amazing and wonderful tool. You can access an unbelievable amount of useful information. However, at the same time, it is a perilous, deceptive minefield fraught with traps, lies, fraud and all manner of criminal... more

Luna will be in sharp focus this year as the US experiences a total eclipse and 5 teams try to land on the Moon. On August 21, citizens in the US from California to the Carolinas will be able to see a total solar eclipse for the first time since... more

Will VR technology change the face of computing, or will it be a here today, and gone tomorrow as a fad? The technology while not new, has made a big play in the last couple of years, with a lot of major players bringing out gear and apps... more

Every year, millions of businesses set their sights on their biggest achievements for the upcoming year, but only a few actually achieve their goals. Why is this? Why do some companies succeed at a very high level while others languish... more

Police in Bentonville, Arkansas are turning to Amazon to help prosecute a suspected murderer. Their witness is not who you might think. In fact, it's not a who at all. James Andrew Bates was charged with first-degree murder after... more

2016 is proving to be a seminal year for many in the USA. Our blog reached a million page views, a huge milestone for us. We have seen a sea change in what can happen during an election campaign. We have evolved as a people... more

Having been a science major in college, I like to think that the world has order. It follows a set of rules that work within a set of parameters. In physics, we have Laws (some of which you may have heard of). For example; the First Law of... more

Every year I write my prediction article because it's a fun and useful thing to do. It forces me to do some serious research and to take a hard look at what may happen in the near future. I take prognosticating seriously even though I know... more

The holidays are here! It's almost Christmas. Your shopping for your loved ones, scoping out all the deals when you get an email from your favorite store for an incredible deal. All you have to do is log in and claim your special and win... more