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Working Knowledge

Working Knowledge


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This show covers workplace and business management issues in a way that helps you put the fun and function back into your workday so you can get through it! Targeted at both business leaders and their teams, Working Knowledge Radio Show highlights best practices for dealing with people and process in the workplace. The show also incorporates work-life balance tips, since how well we're doing personally also impacts our behavior in the workplace.

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In the book "Eat, Love, Pray", one of the Italian characters judged that "Americans know entertainment, but they don't know true pleasure." This episode will focus on recognizing the many simple but true pleasures we forget to fully enjoy on a... more

The Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami shook everyone. In the last 5-6 years there have been several natural disasters that have upset that lives of millions and caused some to question, "What is there to hope for?" Tonight's episode... more

"Silence is talk, too," according to an age-old African proverb. Yet, a Chinese saying expresses that, "A single kind word keeps one warm for three winters." This episode explores how the skillful use of silence AND words can get to you... more

Talk is not cheap. It can very well cost you your most prized relationship - the one with your mate.Too often the words we use in our relationships communicate our need for independence trumps all. Dr. Terri Tyler, author of Checkmate - A... more

"I don’t care what you think, I'm still gonna be me." These words make for a great tattoo slogan, but not for great relationships. Being concerned about what others think for the purpose of enhancing relationships seems to be a critical lost art in... more

"You can make all the structural changes you want, yet until you transform the culture, you are only wasting your time. Culture eats structure for breakfast." - Anonymous School Administrator. This quote is from the home page at... more

Well, Valentine's Day is over. And whether or not we lavished both our sweetheart and sweet tooth with pure sugar, the season for sentimentality has passed. But what can we do to ensure our relationships aren't once again lacking sweetness... more

Losing your job is emotionally trying enough, but many must also endure the stress of struggling to make ends meet financially - maybe for the first time in their lives. Who can they turn to for help while maintaining their dignity in their time of... more

Having a tough time finding a job, advancing or deciding on a career path? Sometimes, it seems like the best solution is to get more education. But is education alone the magic pill to solve your ill? During this episode special... more

Ruminating. Women are often accused of doing this too much. Something happens at work or out in the community and we analyze its meaning 16 ways from Sunday! Like a hamster on its wheel we get locked into this cycle... more
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